Unlike most shoplifters who attempt to hide merchandise inside their clothes or bags, organized retail crime (ORC) groups take it a step further. They’re a group of professionals that use clever methods to steal from retailers. And ORC crimes continue to increase. The National Retail Federation’s most recent survey shows that ORC theft costs retailers an average of $719,548 per $1 billion in sales

We’re not here only to provide you with information but to strengthen your defenses. There are loss prevention solutions on the market that deter some of the most widely used organized retail crime methods and work with your current loss prevention devices. 

Are you ready to learn how to create an ORC Shield that allows your employees and customers to feel safe inside your store while reducing ORC theft? Let’s get started!  

The Dangers of Organized Retail Crime Methods

You might have experienced firsthand what happens when your store becomes the target of an ORC attack. 

  • Employees lose their sense of safety 
  • Loss of inventory  
  • Customers can’t purchase their products 
  • Negative impact on your bottom line 

In order to secure their store and gain back a sense of safety for employees, many retailers will begin to lock up their merchandise. Unfortunately, that method has a few drawbacks, mainly with their customers. Many shoppers will choose not to purchase items if they need staff assistance, and they’ll often shop elsewhere. 

There’s another drawback when shoppers enter a store and see products locked up behind glass shelves or the counter. They could lose their sense of safety. These security measures are a very direct theft deterrent. And because of the dangers of shoplifting, customers may choose to shop somewhere that doesn’t look like they’re a target for shoplifters.  

An ORC Shield to Protect Your Profits and Employee’s Sense of Safety 

At Product Protection Solutions (PPS), our team continues to seek out solutions to help retailers combat shoplifters, especially ORC groups. During our research, we learned about IMCo Solutions’ loss prevention products. 

IMCo Solutions took their knowledge of traditional loss prevention methods and current technological advances to create anti-sweep devices for retailers that omit sound to deter theft and give staff a sense of safety.

Do You Know About Sound Deterrents? 

Yes, alarming devices omit a sound when someone attempts to remove a security device, but we’re talking about a different type of sound deterrent. A device that emits a beep every time someone removes a product from a shelf or hook. 

For example, when a shopper removes a pack of razors from a hook, there’s a small beep. For paying customers, the sound is just a byproduct of their actions, and they won’t think twice about it. For a thief, it causes them to pause. 

A Shoplifter’s Response to Noise

To develop and provide loss prevention devices that effectively deter ORC, they interviewed people who were part of an ORC group. During their interviews, IMCo learned that thieves typically wouldn’t proceed with theft if they see attentive staff or feel they are being watched. So adding a simple beep to a device will alert staff that something is happening at the shelf. The result? The thieves feel they are being watched and will leave the store and move on to a target.

As these individuals learn which retailers use sound deterrent devices, they begin to avoid targeting them. And as shoplifting incidents decline, employees regain their sense of safety at work. 

5 Reasons You Should Use an ORC Shield for Your Store  

#1 Use a Sound Deterrent 

Every time someone removes a product, there’s a beep.

#2 Customizable Alarming Feature 

When someone removes multiple products within a specific time frame, it triggers an alarm. You can customize how many products will trigger an alarm. We recommend sounding an alarm when a person removes three or more items within ten seconds. 

#3 Simple Installation 

Any employee can easily remove the device from the box and install it – it’s that straightforward. 

#4 Connect to Anything with the Internet 

Their devices use IoT solutions (internet of things), which allows you to connect them with any other internet device. 

– Gather data every time someone removes or replenishes an item

– Learn when inventory levels change to low quantity or out of stock 

– Discover how often a customer purchases or returns the item 

– Connect to walkie-talkies, headsets, apple watch, etc. 

#5 Flexible and Scalable 

Their devices can connect all the components of your anti-theft solutions in a customer-friendly way. And thanks to the device’s technology, it can grow with your needs. 

Your Options 

You can choose from several anti-sweep solutions to fit your specific situation. 

  • IoT Hook by IMCo
  • IoT Pusher by IMCo

It’s Time to Strengthen Your Defenses! 

Quality is better than quantity when it comes to loss prevention. Using solutions that target a specific problem typically produces better results than blindly using devices that promise to “reduce theft.” Connect with a PPS team member to learn more about IMCo Solution’s products and how they can strengthen your defenses against ORC groups.