Traditional asset protection usually involves hiring a security guard to monitor the store or securing merchandise in glass cases or behind the counter. While those methods might have worked for that time, with the continual growth in technology for both retailers (and thieves), it’s time to increase protection.

Continue reading to learn more about asset protection technology and the three latest products you should be using in your store.

What is Asset Protection Technology?

Asset protection (also known as loss prevention) is a strategy many retailers use to reduce their losses. Retail losses include:

  • Internal and external theft
  • Product damage
  • Data errors
  • Any other situation that results in loss of profit for an item

Asset protection technology allows retailers to reduce and ultimately prevent loss within their business. There are different types of technology available. Some options only have one purpose, while you can use others for several purposes. For instance, depending on the kind of technology used with an EAS system, your system might have the capability to offer increased security from thieves, monitor merchandise movement, and use it as an inventory management application.

Technology and Its ROI

Your needs and budget might impact the technology you’ll incorporate into your business. If your budget is limited, invest in a technology device that will give you a significant ROI. Then as you begin to reduce your losses and increase your profits, you can invest in other asset protection devices.

3 Asset Protection Devices and Their ROI  

At Product Protection Solutions (PPS), we provide retailers across all industries with superior loss prevention devices. We constantly look for the latest technologies on the market that can help secure their business and their bottom line. Our goal is to help our customers to prepare and prevent loss before it occurs.

Here are three of the latest asset protection devices that can help secure your business and the anticipated ROI for your investment.

SmartShelf Technology

This loss prevention device automaticallyutilizes RFID technology to provide open merchandising, theft detection, and stock detection.

Potential ROI

  • Inventory management tool
  • Real-time inventory data and alerts for low stock levels
  • Inform staff when someone removed a product
  • Notification when more than one item is removed (potentially implying theft)

The Flex Panel 

This device is a shelf-ready solution that allows customers to access one product at a time with a beeping motion sensor that detects all panels movements. You have the option to install the Flex Panel with no pushers, with regular pushers, with regular pushers + IMCo’s B-Push sensor, or with IMCo’s IoT pushers.

Benefits include:

  • Battery powered device 
  • Faint Beep for every product removal or replenishment
  • Set an alarm to sound when multiple removals with Smart Box (gateway) 
  • Optional integration with other security solutions 
    • CCTV
    • Speakers
    • Walkie-talkie
  • Customize to detect stock levels using the IoT version

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Sweep Theft: Self-Installed Swing Gate

Secure merchandise while still allowing the customer to remove the product on their own, without assistance from a store associate. This device maintains an open display of all products while using localized sensors to keep staff informed when an item moves. Additionally, you can customize electronic notifications and customer data to fit your needs.

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EAS Systems with RFID Technology

An EAS system uses detection antennas that are installed near the exit of the store. When an item passes by the antennas and the product’s security device wasn’t removed or deactivated, an alarm will sound. 

These systems are available in different styles to accommodate all shopping environments. 

Potential ROI

Depending on the style and brand you purchase, EAS systems can include many features. 

  • Item-level inventory visibility and management
  • Detect directionality option to prevent false alarms
  • Visitor counting 
  • Retail analytics with dashboards and benchmarking data 

iD Top – RFID-Based EAS Overhead

iD top is a discrete style EAS system that you can easily mount to a ceiling without any structural work needed. It’s compatible with RFID readers and POS products, and all support issues and firmware updates are completed remotely. 

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RFID Loss Prevention Devices 

RFID technology is similar to bar codes because it collects and sends information to the central system. However, unlike bar codes, RFID doesn’t need a line of sight between the product and the EAS system.

Additionally, it allows you to track inventory levels and include an added level of security to protect against theft. You can combine some devices with an EAS system while other devices can stand alone.

Potential ROI

  • Tracks merchandise
  • Increases product control 
  • Enhances traceability 
  • Improves inventory accuracy 
  • Automates data collection 
  • Visual deterrent against thieves 

RFID Tags and Labels

There are a variety of tag and label styles available to secure most merchandise. They can be customized for your specific needs, and the tags/labels data can be rewritten or modified as needed. All of these products can also be integrated with EAS RFID-enabled systems. 

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