Spooky noises, an unexplained phenomenon, or things that go ‘bump in the night’ often occur during this eerier time of year. But the Product Protection Solutions (PPS) team isn’t frightened! In fact, the PPS team goes beyond what is “normal” and is the loss prevention team that you want to call when things get alarming, and you need help. 

Losing valuable profits due to retail shrinkage and loss is a scary thought for companies. That’s why the PPS team goes beyond the normal and into the paranormal to find the loss prevention solution that protects profits, prevents loss, and secures your bottom line

“When the PPS team joined the LP community, we wanted to bring innovation, creativity, and trust to our customers and the industry. Our goal is to be an extension of our customer’s loss prevention team by providing support for their current and future needs,” said Chris Cox, CEO at PPS. 

Why We Aren’t Like the Others

At PPS, we offer solutions that others might consider “abnormal,” but you can be the judge of that. Here are three reasons why paranormal loss prevention isn’t scary and will help secure your bottom line from those scary thoughts.

#1 360-Degree Protection

Unlike others, the PPS loss prevention approach encompasses your whole company, a 360-degree protection approach. We provide multiple security layers that increase your loss protection. In addition, we make sure that you’re covered in all areas that are susceptible to retail loss. 

  • Intelligent shelving and fixturing 
  • Open merchandising 
  • Secure shelf lock for open displays 
  • Solutions that target Organized Retail Crime (ORC) groups

#2 Benefit Denial Solutions  

Some companies will tell you that you need a full loss prevention technology suite to effectively prevent retail shrinkage. At PPS, we know that this type of protection takes time and resources to implement, so we provide benefit denial solutions that can help you now. 

A benefit denial strategy makes certain that merchandise is useless (and even destroyed) if a thief attempts to remove it without using the proper removal device. Security methods can include:

  • Ink tags
  • Ink pins
  • Beverage security
  • Security labels (which helps to fight ORC) 

#3 Custom Loss Prevention Solutions 

The PPS team has the experience and knowledge to create rapid, custom loss prevention solutions that include developing a plan of attack and working within your budget. Unlike others, the PPS loss prevention solution focuses on more than adding a security tag to a product. 

Our approach includes information on:

  • Benefit Denial strategies 
  • Inventory management data 
  • Preventing employee loss 
  • Preventing financial loss

Need a Loss Prevention Solution? Who are You Going to Call? – PPS!

The PPS team has you covered and is ready to help achieve your goals with our paranormal loss prevention solutions. Connect with us to learn more!