As retail shrinkage and theft continue to rise, loss prevention (LP) professionals are constantly making changes to protect their store’s merchandise. Unfortunately, continually researching the best loss prevention tips and solutions requires additional time that a busy schedule might lack. That’s when a loss prevention company can step in and help relieve some of that work. 

Here are some immediate signs you need assistance from a loss prevention company and tips on looking for the best loss prevention companies available. 

3 Signs You Need a Partner in Preventing Crime 

Not sure if you would benefit from working with a loss prevention company? Here are the top three signs you need a new “partner in preventing crime.”

Sign #1 – Your Needs are at the Bottom of a Long List of Other Priorities

Whether you’re the business owner, finance, operations, merchandising, or LP professional, if you’re other responsibilities are keeping you away from researching and finding loss prevention solutions, it’s time to ask for help. The right LP company will listen to your current problems and the goals you want to achieve and help find a solution for you. 

The PPS Approach  

At Product Protection Solutions (PPS), we will treat you like family. Your priorities are our priorities.

Sign #2 – You Feel like Nobody is Listening

Maybe you’re already working with any LP company or have in the past but felt you weren’t being heard, unfortunately, that happens, but there’s still hope! There are quality, reputable, and trustworthy LP partners that will listen to your needs, ask questions and bring you solutions.

The PPS Approach  

The PPS team listens and is a trusted advisor. We will guide you with excellent, trustworthy advice.

Sign #3 – You Realize the Solution Being Suggested Doesn’t Match Your Goals 

Loss prevention solutions aren’t a one size fits all option, what works for one company may not be the best option for another; that’s okay because your right fit is out there! The best LP company will be able to offer you customized solutions that fit your goals (and budget). 

The PPS Approach  

We can provide you with a complete and custom loss prevention solution that fits your needs and budget. 

10 Tips on How to Find the Best Loss Prevention Company

Industry partners can help provide you with different perspectives, bounce ideas off of, gives you access to an expert, and allows you to work with a team of people who want you to succeed as much as you do! 

Here are ten tips to help you find the best loss prevention company for your business. 

  • Know your goals 
  • Know which LP problems need to be solved
  • Ask industry colleagues if there’s a partner they would recommend 
  • Work with industry experts
  • Ask the LP company how do they evaluate their success 
  • Ask if they offer customizable solutions 
  • Review the company’s reputation
  • Ask for references or testimonials 
  • Find a company that gives back to their community or the industry
  • Work with a company that makes you feel comfortable 

PPS Can Be Your “Partner in Crime”!

At PPS, we can help you with everything from benefit denial products, inventory management data, and preventing employee and financial loss. 

“The PPS team is always looking for a way to make a difference. We are constantly working on bringing innovative and creative solutions to our customers and the whole industry,” said Tim Gates, Senior Vice President of Business Development at PPS.

Learn more about the PPS team and let us be your new “Partner in Crime!” 

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