Self-checkout terminals have become an integral part of most leading retail establishments, and we can probably expect it to stay that way. This remarkable blend of technologies streamlines the point of sale, providing greater levels of convenience and efficiency for customers and employees alike. What’s not to love?


Well … getting stolen from, for starters.

3 Technologies to Stop Self-Checkout Theft

The good news is that we’re far from helpless when it comes to combating this unique new paradigm of shoplifting. As technology for automated POS systems has evolved, so too have the security technologies around it. To keep your merchandise safe from self-checkout theft, here are three measures you can implement now to stop it.

1. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Systems

EAS systems are a tried-and-true means to deter shoplifting of all kinds in retail environments, and that includes self-checkout theft. These innovative systems consist of electronic tags that can be affixed to merchandise and antennae surrounding store exits. If an item is taken without removing the tag, an alarm goes off.


Of course, implementing these on every item would defeat the purpose of a self-checkout system. Instead, try attaching tags to only your most at-risk items. Any staff member nearby can detach the tag with a special tool, causing minimal slowdowns for your POS system.

2. RFID Technology

RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology offers a sophisticated solution for both theft prevention and streamlined inventory management. RFID tags are a conveniently low-profile alternative to EAS hard tags. RFID tags embedded with unique identifiers are attached to merchandise, allowing for automated tracking and monitoring throughout the retail store.


At your self-checkout terminal, RFID readers can detect tagged items as they’re scanned, ensuring all items are accounted for and ultimately reducing the risk of unnoticed theft at the point of sale.

3. AI-Powered Surveillance Technology

It’s hard to beat the classics — unless you have the technology to upgrade them. While surveillance cameras have always been a central player in the fight against ORC, modern AI-powered technology has elevated surveillance to the next level.


By implementing specialized cameras and sensors in your self-checkout terminals, your surveillance system’s real-time analytics will scan for suspicious behavior, triggering a warning or alarm at the sign of attempted shoplifting.

Partner With PPS for Comprehensive Retail Security

Stopping self-checkout theft in its tracks demands a comprehensive and proactive approach to security, combining the power of technologies like EAS, RFID, and AI-driven surveillance. These clever solutions are more than just acronyms — they represent the culmination of years of innovation to keep your store safer.


If you’re ready to upgrade your store technology and pave the way for a safer, smarter, and more convenient future, you’re in the right place. Here at Product Protection Solutions, we specialize in easy-install, out-of-the-box solutions that you can integrate straight away to protect your store fast. With an entire arsenal of security technology at your disposal, PPS will have your self-checkouts running more efficiently than ever.

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