When you take pride in having a well-stocked, organized, customer-friendly store, the idea of someone sweeping your shelves can be disheartening. You’re left with a loss of money, low (to zero) available merchandise for your customers, and the potential loss of your employees’ sense of safety at work. What can you do to reduce the likelihood of this happening? You can increase your retail loss prevention measures. 

Loss prevention involves more than security cameras, anti-theft signage, and EAS systems. While those solutions are valuable, combining them with other tools makes it easier to ward off potential thieves. Since shelf sweeping is a popular shoplifting tactic used by professional criminals, having one or several retail loss prevention systems in place that targets this method can dramatically strengthen your overall store protection.

This article will help you deter shelf sweepers from visiting your store, so you can protect your profits, maintain a positive shopping experience, and regain your employee’s sense of safety.

Retail Loss Prevention Systems | An Anti-Shelf Sweeping Shield 

Retail loss prevention systems aim to help deter various types of losses. Implementing the best system for your needs acts as a security shield for your store by placing an invisible barrier over a specific area. There are various systems available depending on your goals and budgets. 

Examples of systems can include:

  • In-store analytics systems using IoT technology 
  • EAS systems using RFID technology 
  • Systems that use sound deterrents 
  • Devices that protect specific inventory (product protection devices)

Selecting the right loss prevention system for your store might take some time. If you want some guidance, our team of experts can help to answer your questions. Or to learn more about loss prevention strategies and advice, review our articles here

4 Anti-Shelf Sweeping Shield Devices  

This article will provide you with practical, effective options that can deter shelf sweeping. At PPS, we seek to equip retailers with the education and tools necessary to deter Organized Retail Crime (ORC) groups and amateur thieves. We continually work to find solutions to fit retailers’ various needs and budgets. Our latest undertaking was addressing the growing demand for shelf and hook protection. With ORC on the rise, giving retailers a shield to deter these criminals was our top priority, and we found the answer!  

IMCo Solutions has a line of retail loss prevention systems that uses sound deterrent technology to deter shelf sweepers. Their line includes four systems that offer specific protection depending on your needs and budget.

Single Rod Hooks by IMCo

Purpose: Increase the difficulty of someone sweeping hook merchandise by using an “L” shaped design.

Features: Releases a beeping sound anytime a person removes an item and includes a customizable alarm feature. 

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Pro Plus Hooks by IMCo

Purpose: It makes it impossible for anyone to remove 2+ hanging merchandise simultaneously using a two-prong design.

Features: Includes a beep anytime a person removes one item and allows for customizable alarm options. 

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B-Push by IMCo

Purpose: It’s a small device you can use with your existing pusher system to increase your shelf protection. 

Features: This device uses motion sensors to know when someone is removing an item so it can release a beep to notify associates of merchandise activity. It includes a customizable alarm option. 

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Flex Panel by IMCo

Purpose: Provide whole shelf security while still providing open merchandising for a positive shopping experience. 

Features: As a shelf-ready solution, it’s scalable and can grow with your needs in the future. It uses a sensor panel to detect movement and gives you the option to include beeping or alarming features. 

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Learn Your ROI with IMCo’s Loss Prevention Systems 

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