Securing your merchandise using retail display locks is a possible loss prevention strategy to prevent theft. One thing to consider is that when you choose to lock up your products, it does impact the customer’s shopping experience. Did you know there are alternative loss prevention devices available that offer the same or improved protection?

Continue reading to learn about alternative loss prevention devices to retail display locks.

Pros and Cons of Retail Display Locks

Retail display locks typically consist of locking merchandise inside a clear glass case. Then when a customer would like to access an item inside the case, they will need to ask a sales associate for assistance. The purpose of this loss prevention strategy is to stop shoplifting before it even occurs. 

Here are some advantages and disadvantages to this strategy.  


  • Stops thieves from touching merchandise 
  • Prevents anyone from damaging the display without attracting attention


  • Interferes with the customer’s shopping experience 
  • Potentially decreases sales volume on locked up items 
  • Requires employees to stop what they’re doing to open display cases for customers 

Alternatives to Retail Display Locks

At Product Protection Solutions (PPS), our goal is to help retailers prevent theft and provide an enhanced shopping experience while increasing overall profitability. Here are some retail loss prevention solutions that fill the gaps created by security devices that typically interfere with the shopping experience. 

Bottle Protection 

This reusable security cap works well with merchandise in cans, glass, or plastic bottles and containers with lids (i.e., mouth wash). Locks are clearly labeled and simple to use for easy application and removal. 

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Quad Wraps

You can secure unusually large and oddly shaped products (i.e., baby formula, laundry detergent, etc.). You can even add an alarming feature for added protection. 

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These transparent cases allow for open merchandising while securing the item. In addition, they are available in multiple sizes to accommodate everything from extra small beauty products to large electronics. 

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Security tags are made of durable, hard plastic that can easily be attached to products to provide advanced magnetic lock protection. They are available in various styles so that you can use them with clothing, household cleaning supplies, and more. 

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2 Additional Store Theft Prevention Solutions

Along with the above, two additional solutions are available: source tagging and The Swing Gate.

Source Tagging 

This loss prevention strategy allows you to apply the security tag or label to the product before it arrives at your store’s location. This process involves the product or packaging manufacturer directly attaching the tag or label for an additional fee. The PPS team has experience working with manufacturers during this process. 

Learn more about the difference between source tagging and in-store tagging.

Swing Gate Protection 

This loss prevention device allows you to place merchandise “behind” a clear door. Unlike retail display locks, customers can easily open the door to remove the product themselves. For added security, the staff is alerted with the door is opened. Since customers need to lift the door, it is challenging to access several products at once without notice. 

Learn more about the Self Install Swing Gate from Sennco Solutions.

Prevent Theft and Secure Your Bottomline 

Did you know that implementing loss prevention solutions throughout your business will help prevent shrinkage and loss? At PPS, our team is here to offer you excellent, trustworthy loss prevention advice. We focus on finding a rapid, complete, and technologically advanced solution that’ll secure your bottom line and help your business to grow.

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