Some people think this is dangerous or should be reserved only for your personal life. Still, the Product Protection Solutions (PPS) team has no fear; we know the risk, and we do it anyway…while we are quick to provide an LP solution, there is one thing we let you steal from the PPS team just as fast…OUR HEARTS!

“From the first day we joined the LP community, the PPS team wanted to make a difference. While we bring innovative and creative solutions to our customers and the industry, we exist to make LP professionals’ lives easier and better in every way!  We do this because we care,” said Chris Cox, CEO at PPS.

Here are the 5 reasons we let you steal our hearts:

  1. Relationships Matter – We value our relationship with you. We’ve enjoyed the time invested together to find the best LP solutions.
  2. We’re a Family- We know you have big goals to achieve, and we do too. We love working with you to find new ways to solve problems through product solutions and technology. A good family member will do whatever it takes, every time.
  3. Mutual Trust – We know how hard you work to both provide your customers with the best shopping experience while protecting your profit. When you trust us with that job, we take it to heart. We love and value integrity in our relationships.
  4. We Love to Listen– Our deep desire to achieve your goals is best achieved by earnestly listening during our conversations.
  5. Your Success is Our Success– At the end of the day, our success is built upon your success. We focus on that goal every day, because we care!

The PPS team is here for you, we’ve got your back, and we’re ready to help achieve your goals.

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