Retailers worldwide are increasingly concerned about the rise of organized retail crime (ORC). Every year, businesses face significant losses due to the activities of these highly organized criminal groups. Effective countermeasures are the only way to protect your business in the long run. 


Luckily, the progress made in the security landscape has given us new and innovative retail technology solutions to prevent ORC. In this article, we’ll delve into a variety of the latest measures you can take to protect your business from organized retail crime.

1. Video Analytics and Surveillance

At the forefront of retail technology solutions to prevent ORC are modern surveillance systems equipped with video analytics. These systems use the power of artificial intelligence to analyze live camera feeds, identify any suspicious activity, and alert staff for investigation.


With behavioral analysis technology, AI algorithms identify unusual behavior patterns such as loitering or erratic movements, triggering alerts to your security personnel of a potential shoplifting event.

2. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

EAS systems have come a long way from simple anti-theft tags. Today’s EAS solutions are designed with advanced intelligence and integration capabilities. With real-time alerts, security personnel or store management are instantly notified by EAS systems when tagged items are moved without proper authorization.


EAS systems work in conjunction with point of sale (POS) and inventory management systems to better protect your store against instances of shoplifting and ORC.

3. RFID Technology

RFID technology has quickly become a modern standard for real-time inventory tracking and loss prevention. RFID tags attached to products provide detailed location and movement data, enabling capabilities like:


Item Movement Alerts: If any tagged items are moved without authorization, our system will immediately send out alerts. This helps our staff to quickly respond and take necessary action.


Inventory Accuracy: RFID improves inventory accuracy, reducing the chances of merchandise disappearing unnoticed.

4. Access Control Systems

Among all retail technology solutions to prevent ORC, access control systems are vital to ensuring the security of sensitive areas within a retail store. Through modern authentication methods like key card access, biometric scanning, and mobile device credentials, business owners can manage who comes and goes from their facilities like never before.

5. Smart Shelving

Smart shelves equipped with IoT technology are quickly gaining traction as retail technology solutions to prevent ORC. These systems are designed to detect when items are taken or incorrectly replaced, improving inventory management and discouraging theft. Many smart shelves come equipped with automated sound deterrents and anti-sweep measures to ensure protection against ORC.

Discover More Retail Technology Solutions to Prevent ORC

In today’s retail landscape, retailers must stay vigilant against the ongoing threat of organized retail crime. Advancements in video analytics, EAS systems, RFID technology, access control systems, and smart shelving have all proven to be game-changing retail technology solutions to prevent ORC.


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