What if your loss prevention tools could help you meet your sales goals? You might feel like a kid on Christmas morning again. 

Hopefully, you’re getting excited because we’re about to share how we can make that dream a reality! As liquor theft continues to become more common, finding a solution that can stand up to these shoplifters is a tall order to fill. The good news for you is the Product Protection Solutions (PPS) team has found the solution: security tags for liquor bottles

We’ve moved past traditional loss prevention tools that aim only to secure merchandise. Instead, we focus on educating retailers about the devices that can almost act as another employee for your store. Keep reading to learn how liquor bottle security tags can deter thieves and increase your sales. 

How Security Tags for Liquor Bottles Work 

Before we jump into how security tags for liquor bottles can help your sales goals, we’ll explain how they work. You can secure the liquor or wine bottle by placing the device around the neck of the bottle and locking it. Depending on the product you need to secure, there are a variety of sizes and styles to choose from for security tags. These devices can deter theft and prevent in-store consumption and content transfer between different bottles.

Read more about these tags (and learn if they’re worth the investment) in our previous article, Liquor Bottle Locks | Protecting Your Bottles & Profits.

5 Ways You Can Increase Sales Using Security Tags for Liquor Bottles

We’re going to get straight to the point. When you can deter shoplifters from entering your store, it creates a ripple effect throughout your entire business. And liquor bottle tops are effective at deterring both amateur thieves and Organized Retail Crime (ORC) groups! So check out all the ways liquor bottle tags can help to deter theft and increase your sales.  

Save on Employee’s Time = Additional Time to Serve Customers 

They can quickly place and remove the tag over the bottle’s neck, which helps to ensure an efficient checkout process.

Open Display = More Sales

When retailers lock up merchandise, shoppers are less likely to purchase the item. However, easy access to inventory will make shoppers more interested in buying it.

Use the Tags All Year Long = Purchase Fewer Security Devices 

When product demands change, you can continue using the same security device for other similar-sized products. 

10+ Year Lifespan = Higher ROI

Many retailers have shared with us that they’ve reused their tags for a decade or longer. Talk about a considerable ROI! 

Maintains Product Appearance = Product Design Continues to Attract Customers 

The PPS Keepsafe™ bottle security tags don’t obstruct the bottle’s appearance, but they still make shoplifters think twice before sweeping your inventory.  

Start Shopping Now for Security Tags for Liquor Bottles

If you’re ready to invest in your store, you can start shopping for liquor bottle security tags

You can read our liquor bottle top guide for more information on selecting the best type of bottle lock to purchase.

Make PPS Part of Your Loss Prevention Team

When you began searching for ways to reduce liquor theft, we bet you weren’t expecting to find us, but we’re glad you did! Our company provides loss prevention solutions that can assist with many concerns. We offer everything from enterprise to individual custom applications. 

Contact us so we can begin to help you deter theft and protect your profits.