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As we begin the new year, equip yourself, your store, and your team with tools for success. During our last two articles, you learned more about IoT and how to increase security with IoT loss prevention strategies and tools. To conclude this three-part article series on new anti-theft solutions for 2023, you’ll learn how IMCo Solutions’ IoT security shelving devices can deter theft while protecting your profits.  

Security Shelving That’ll Deter ORC While Securing Your Profits

Knowledge is key. So before deciding the type of security shelving you want, learn what’s available. Our previous article (read here) discussed IMCo Solutions and how they’re taking hold of the loss prevention market with their products. 

During that article, we educated readers on each device’s main benefits. Now we’re going to share the “bigger picture” of how IMCo can help secure your merchandise from ORC shelf sweepers and how it can secure and grow your profits in 2023.

Advantage #1 Sound Deterrence 

  • Research shows that sound deters thieves:
    • They stop and move to the next store when they hear the noise
    • The results were ORC and shelf-sweepers less likely to target retailers monitoring merchandise
  • The device beeps every time someone removes an item
    • Beeping is barely noticeable to paying customers 
  • For extra security, you can set up custom alerts for product removals 

Advantage #2 Real-Time Data Using IoT

  • See when items are in low stock or out of inventory 
  • Learn and analyze data on:
    • How often are employees restocking items  
    • How well a new product introduction is going by monitoring purchases and returns
  • Increase customer engagement on specific products
    • Ability to trigger a video about the item when someone removes it 

Advantage #3 Self-Install

  • Simple to follow instructions and setup 
    • Remove from box
    • Place on shelf 
    • Add merchandise
    • Turn it on and run a test
    • Ready to go

Advantage #4 Set Customize Data and Notifications to Fit Your Needs 

  • Easy to setup your notifications using IoT
    • Connect it to the internet
    • Set up all notifications you want to receive 
    • Determine which employees should receive notifications 
    • Review the data you collect over time 
    • Analyze the results
    • Make changes that improve your store’s security

Advantage #5 Battery Powered

  • Every device has a 2–3-year life (depending on its usage)
  • Simple to change
  • Protection even during a power outage 

The Latest IoT Device on the Market: IMCo’s Easy Glide 

IMCo offers several loss prevention devices that include IoT in-store analytics options:

Along with the devices mentioned above, IMCo has another anti-theft security shelving option: The Easy Glide. Below are the top qualities that make this device unique to retailers! 

It focuses on supporting heavy round bottles. 

It allows you to meet your growing/changing needs by increasing its product-holding capabilities. 

You’ll have the ability to have scalable options with the potential to store almost any sized item with a straightforward change. 

Make use of the text-to-speech feature so the shelf can communicate to employees by alerting them of the exact specifications of an ongoing theft (imagine if shelves could talk).

Connect with PPS to Increase Your Shelf Security in 2023! 

Thanks for following our article series on IoT for loss prevention! We’re here to help protect your profits and secure your bottom line throughout the year. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in achieving your loss prevention goals.

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