Are you ready to take 2023 by storm? The answer should be yes because the PPS team will be by your side, equipping you with the tools you need to achieve your loss prevention goals! 

To help you step into the new year prepared and ready to go, we spent 2022 learning how to assist retailers with their greatest loss-prevention issues. After talking to retailers, one of the concerns we repeatedly heard was a desire for flexible security shelf solutions that maintains their customer’s shopping experience. And when our industry expresses a need, our team gets to work. 

This is part two in a three-part series focusing on new anti-theft solutions for 2023. Today we’ll provide you with security shelf solutions (available now) that you can begin adding to your store and loss prevention strategies using those devices. Also, you can read more about the new technology that’s toughening up retailers’ defensive shields in part one of this article series, IoT and Retail Loss Prevention Systems for 2023.  

If Shelves Could Talk, They’d Ask for IMCo Solutions’ Security Shelf Devices

We can only imagine the stories shelves could share of what they see over their lifetime. Between the laughter and words of wisdom, it would be a great conversation. While you can’t talk to your shelves, you can equip them with IoT-enabled devices that could provide you with valuable information. And with that idea in mind, IMCo Solutions got to work on their in-store analytics devices that would make it possible for your shelves to talk! 

IoT Easy Glide Protection

It’s an ideal solution for round and uniquely shaped heavy bottles (we’ll take a deeper look into this solution in our next article). 

  • Easy to remove products, making it simple for the customer to use 
  • Features a text-to-speech option for employee notifications on:
    • Item removals
    • ORC alerts 
    • Out of stock 

IoT Pusher Protection

It’s an ideal solution for products already using a pusher. 

  • Beeping alerts to ward off thieves with a customizable alarm option 
  • Set up notification alerts for:
    • Purchases and returns
    • Item removals
    • Out of stock
    • ORC alerts 
  • Incorporate into an in-store marketing strategy 

IoT Flex Panel Protection

It’s an ideal solution for cosmetics and personal care items. 

  • Fast, simple installation 
  • Custom alarm options are available  
  • Set up notification alerts for:
    • Shelf Activity Detection
    • Out of stock 

Loss Prevention Strategies Using IoT

Thanks to IoT’s versatility, you can incorporate it into many loss prevention strategies. Here are three tactics you can use with your IMCo device to improve your bottom line and maintain your customer’s shopping experience. 

Strategy #1 Turn the Focus Back to the Customers 

With traditional loss prevention tools, employees still needed to monitor merchandise for theft, which left less time assisting shoppers. However, thanks to IoT’s ability to automate, you can set notifications and alarms to alert staff of unusual activity. That way, they can return their focus to the shoppers. 

Strategy #2 Scalable Devices as You Grow 

You might still be adding to your lineup of tools in your store, so as you expand your defenses, your IoT devices can integrate with them. For instance, right now, you may need to use IoT to send messages to employees’ headsets. But in six months, you’ll implement an inventory management program in your store. With IoT, you can connect the two devices to work together and efficiently manage product activity. 

Strategy #3 Review IoT Data to Increase Sales 

IoT allows you to gather data on product purchases and returns and analyze the results. Using the information you learn can lead you to display products in various ways or place them in different locations.  

IoT Shelf Security Devices with Real Results 

We discussed IMCo Solutions in our previous article and how their focus on empowering retailers has yielded significant results. To give you an idea, one retailer struggled with prolonged periods of out-of-stock cosmetics from shelf sweeping. After they installed their IMCo device, they were able to reduce their losses by 88% and increase their sales by 14% between 8 weeks and 6 months! 

Make sure to read the conclusion of this series, which will discuss how you can deter shelf-sweeping and ORC theft using IMCo’s IoT product line in 2023. 

Are You Ready to Get Started? 

Run into the new year with PPS by your side! It’s time to connect all your anti-theft solutions to create an IoT shield. Share your goals with us so we can help you find the right IoT device for you.