Gone are the days of “just hoping” this anti-theft device will work. Instead, you can have a newfound confidence in securing merchandise from thieves! If you’re new to using RFID hard tags for your store, you’re in the right place. By the end of this article, you’ll know the security benefits of using RFID tags with magnetic locks and how to choose the right one for your needs. 

What is an RFID Hard Tag?

RFID (or its longer name, radio frequency identification) technology is a step up from traditional bar codes used by retailers in the past. RFID-enabled devices can collect and send data to your central EAS system. And a significant benefit is the tag doesn’t require a line of sight between the merchandise and your security system to send data and sound an alarm. 

So to answer the question of what is an RFID hard tag, it’s an anti-theft security device that uses a magnetic lock to attach itself to a product. The primary purpose of the tag is to deter someone from stealing the item. You can continue to reuse the tag since employees remove the lock using a magnetic detacher during checkout. 

Benefits of Using an RFID Hard Tag with Magnetic Locks 

Some RFID devices use pins, disposable labels, and other methods of attaching the device to the product. Unfortunately, many of those alternative options could damage the merchandise lowering its overall value. 

Here are some benefits of using RFID tags with magnetic locks for your retail store.

  • No Extra Tools are Necessary – Purchase tags that use the style of magnetic detacher you already own.
  • No Need for Special Holes – Attach the tag to your chosen spot. 
  • Instant Installation – Simple instructions for employees to learn so they’re quickly ready to go.
  • Resistant to Various Weather Conditions – This is especially useful for outdoor sales. 

Tips on Selecting the Best RFID Hard Tag that Uses a Magnetic Lock 

Here’s the fun part of the article, investing in high-quality products for your business! Once you begin to secure merchandise and deter thieves from making your store their target, you can better serve your customers and potentially increase your bottom line. 

Here’s what you need to know when purchasing RFID tags with magnetic locks.

Tip #1 Know the Items You Want to Protect 

There are various tag placement options and RFID security devices available. Knowing your needs will help to ensure you purchase the correct device.

  • Bottle tags
  • Clothing tags 
  • Inclusive tags
  • Pencil tags
  • Zip tags 

If you’re ready to shop, visit the PPS store.

Tip #2 Learn About Magnetic Strength 

There are varying magnetic strength options available. Review all your options before selecting the strength you want. Remember, the stronger the lock, the harder it is for thieves to remove it illegally. 

  • Standard locks
  • Super locks
  • Hyper locks

Tip #3 Know the Tags Read Range Requirements

If you pair the tags with an EAS system, you’ll want to know how close the device needs to be to the system to register with it. Typically, it should be within a few inches of the system, or you may have problems. 

Not All RFID Tag Are the Same 

Thanks to online shopping, you can quickly purchase magnetic RFID tags. A word of caution before you do. Not all RFID tags are the same. Just because it “appears” to look the same from several manufacturers isn’t enough. 

  • Some manufacturers make their devices from cheap materials. 
  • Some tags won’t hold up with repeated use. 
  • Some magnetic locks are weak, and thieves can remove them without using a detacher. 
  • Items may have inconsistent quality. Some of the tags work, and some won’t work as well. 

Consider only purchasing from reputable sellers like Product Protection Solutions (PPS). 

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