When you begin searching online to purchase anti-theft devices for retail stores, you’ll find various options from different styles to sizes. If you’re not familiar with the tools available, you might be unsure of the right choice for you. Instead of trying to select the product yourself, you can talk to someone who is familiar with the different devices and their purposes to help to make the process easier. 

This article will educate you on selecting the best-suited anti-theft device for your merchandise. Then read about some loss prevention tools that are most beneficial for retailers. 

Advice on How to Select an Anti-Theft Device for Your Business 

There are a few things you should know before purchasing a security device. 

Step 1 – Protecting Merchandise 

Which product do you want to protect? If you know the answer, you can move forward to step two. If not, here are some things to consider that’ll help you make a decision. 

  • Do you track which items are commonly stolen from your location? – Which products are listed most?
  • If not, here’s a list of some most frequently stolen products from retailers.
    • Razors
    • Infant formula
    • Designer products 
    • Laundry detergent
    • Teeth whitening strips
  • Do you have blind spots in certain aisles? 
  • Do you have high-cost merchandise that is easy to conceal? 

After reviewing the above questions, do you know which merchandise you want increased protection from thieves?

Step 2 – Selecting Loss Prevention Tools

Once you know the product (or type of product) you want to protect, here are the most common loss prevention tools available. 

  • Quad Wraps and Cable Locks – large, oversized products 
    • Luggage 
    • Sporting equipment 
    • Household cleaners 
  • Beverage Caps – individual drinks in cans, large glass and plastic bottles
    • Energy drinks 
    • Wine and liquor bottles 
    • Health and beauty products  
  • Safers – items that are easy to conceal 
    • Cosmetics 
    • Perfumes 
    • Electronics 
  • Tags – high-value products
    • Clothing
    • Fashion accessories 
    • Footwear 
    • Designer items 

Step 3 – Increasing Your Protection 

Do you need increased protection for your products? Many of the above anti-theft devices have the option for increased security.

Choose from: 

  • Adding an alarming element to the device 
  • Enabling the device with AM, RF, and RFID technology 
  • Creating a benefit denial product (this means if the security device is forcibly removed, the product is damaged) 
    • Ink tags
    • Ink pins
    • Security labels
  • Securing several of the same products quickly 
    • Intelligent fixtures 
    • Source tagging 

3 Anti-Theft Devices for Retail Stores

Now that you have a better idea of what you’re looking for, here are three anti-theft devices that are available to help with your loss prevention goals.

#1 RFID Tags & Labels

Customize the device to meet your needs, including setting the EPCs for identification and tracking.

#2 EAS Systems

This type of intelligent article surveillance will identify individual items, detect product directionality, count people, and configure alarms for several scenarios.

#3 Self-Install Swing Gate 

Set specific electronic notifications for your staff to receive, including customer data and notice when the door is opened. 

3 Reasons to Partner with PPS

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