We’ve recently been on a mission to educate retailers on the ins and outs of organized retail crime. Between the National Retail Federation’s latest Retail Security Survey and the numerous media articles on the topic, it’s clear to see organized retail theft numbers aren’t going down in the United States. And unfortunately, American retailers across all industries are impacted by these crimes. 

Due to this rising concern, we’re taking another look into what is organized retail theft in America and which loss prevention tools are most effective at deterring these criminals. By the end of this article, our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and necessary tools to deter them from targeting your store! 

Are You Ready to Learn More About What is Organized Retail Theft?

When you can understand the reason someone steals, it can help you to find solutions to deter them away from your store. Remember loss prevention knowledge equals power over shoplifters. 

So, the simplest way to answer the question of what is organized retail theft only requires two words: professional thieves. Organized retail crime (ORC) groups include men and women who work together to steal merchandise from retailers. They aim to sell shoplifted items for a profit to unsuspecting consumers or other business owners. It’s that simple. 

If you want to learn more about organized retail theft, we have two articles that take a deeper look into the topic: How Organized Retail Crime Groups Operate and Types of Merchandise Targeted by ORC Groups

Loss Prevention Tools You Can Trust

Before we begin offering devices to help you combat ORC groups, you should know that at Product Protection Solutions (PPS), we provide tools that are proven successful at deterring shoplifters. And since ORC groups constantly evolve, our team regularly searches for new devices that retailers can use against them. 

Now let’s start with what you can do to reduce the likelihood of becoming an ORC target. 

3 Types of Devices That Deter ORC Groups 

As we mentioned earlier, ORC groups make it their job to steal, so they typically choose retailers they consider “easy targets .”

Here are three types of device categories that you can incorporate into your loss prevention strategy to discourage shoplifters. 

Sound Deterrent Devices

This type of product emits a sound whenever someone removes an item from the shelf, hook, etc. The average shopper barely notices the noise. However, for a thief, the beep feels like an alarm with flashing lights drawing attention to them. 

Loss Prevention Devices That Offer This Feature 

  • IMCo Hooks
  • IMCo Pushers
  • IMCo Flex Panel
  • IMCo Easy Glide 

Alarming Devices 

Did you know there are different types of alarms for these devices? You can choose from 1, 2, or 3 alarm levels depending on the strength of protection you want to have on the merchandise. You can learn more about purchasing anti-theft alarm devices here.

Loss Prevention Devices That Offer This Feature 

  • Cable Locks
  • Quad Wraps
  • IMCo Hooks
  • IMCo Pushers
  • IMCo Flex Panel
  • IMCo Easy Glide 

Benefit Denial Devices  

One of the greatest advantages benefit denial products offer is it destroys products if someone tampers with the device. And if a handbag has a black ink stain or a blade cuts a designer suitcase, the item can’t be sold. So, when ORC groups notice those security measures in place, they often won’t attempt to steal it and leave the store instead! 

Loss Prevention Devices That Offer This Feature 

  • Security Labels 
  • Ink Tags 
  • Ink Pins 

Your Next Step to Deter Organized Retail Theft

Contact the PPS team! 

We’re here to help you find and select the loss prevention tools that fit your goals and budget. You can ask questions and share your concerns with us. The better we understand your needs, the more we can assist you. Learn more about our growth mindset and approach toward loss prevention.