Easy to conceal. High cost. High resell value. Those are just a few reasons why makeup is a high shrink item for retailers. There is a solution! Implementing a loss prevention strategy can save your business thousands in losses. 

One strategy that many businesses will use is to lock up their merchandise to keep it away from thieves, but did you know that could impact your customer’s purchasing decisions? It’s best to avoid storing your products in a glass case—instead, makeup security tags and safers available that allow for open display while offering secured protection.

Difference Between Makeup Security Tags & Safers

Makeup tags are a hard plastic device, and many tags styles are reusable. Makeup labels are hard “stickers” placed on the product itself. Both tags and labels are equipped with AM, RF, or RFID technology. If the tag comes near the EAS system, an alarm will sound, alerting your staff of the theft. 

There are a variety of makeup security tags and labels designs available, including:

  • Tags that can be added to each product 
  • Tags that can be wrapped around the product 
  • Small round labels to wrap around the product 
  • Clear labels that cover the UPC

One thing to consider with a makeup security tag or label covers the product’s label, which could impact the customer’s shopping experience. 

Makeup Safers 

Makeup safers are reusable, transparent plastic cases that allow you to keep the product on open display for customers. Many safers can be used with blister holes or hanger accessories so you can hang the merchandise on display peg hooks.  

There are a variety of makeup security safers designs available:

  • Hinged safers
  • Slotted safers 
  • Specialty safers 

Safers are also available in several sizes to accommodate a variety of cosmetics.

  • Microsafers
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

One thing to consider with makeup safers is that employees will have to add the item to the case during stocking and remove it at checkout. Make sure the safer styles you’re considering are easy and quick to use.

Benefits of Using Makeup Security Tags & Safers 

Whether you choose to use makeup security tags and labels or safers, they offer many benefits compared to simply “locking up” the product, including: 

  • An attractive shopping environment 
  • Easier for customers to select the product they want
  • Works well with existing planograms
  • Allows for open merchandising

Tips on Finding the Right Loss Prevention Solution for You

Online searching offers some helpful tips, although it’s important to remember that those solutions aren’t specific to your business goals and budget. Finding a loss prevention company team who are experts at preventing theft can help you find solutions that meet your needs. 

The Product Protection Solutions (PPS) team guides our customers with excellent, trustworthy advice based on their specific goals and budget. Our team takes on a holistic approach which means we provide support that looks at your whole business, not just one area (think a 360-degree protection approach). We have access to a large variety of loss prevention solutions. If you need something specific, we offer customizable solutions too.

What’s Your Next Step?

Whether you’re revamping a current strategy or need an item-specific solution, we’re here to help. Contact us by using our online form or by calling 866-750-5744.