As a retailer, you’re familiar with loss prevention devices (tags, safers, pins etc.) and probably have a few you’re using now. Did you know that using these devices can save you money? Retail loss prevention devices are an essential element of success for any retail business. Learning more about their purpose and importance will help to answer the question, “can loss prevention devices save me money?”. 

Can Loss Prevention Devices Save Me Money?

Can you save money with loss prevention devices? The short answer is yes! The longer answer is still yes, but with more explanation.

Loss prevention devices secure your merchandise by making it difficult for shoplifters to remove the item from the store. This security tactic helps to significantly reduce theft from both amateur and Organized Retail Crime (ORC) groups. Depending on how frequently thieves target your store will determine how quickly you’ll see an ROI.

When a device is difficult to remove, it’s no longer an “easy target,” and the shoplifter will leave. This is the most immediate benefit of the security devices (keeping your inventory in the store). And that’s not the only way loss prevention devices save you money. When shoplifting becomes nonexistent, it doesn’t take long for your bottom line to begin to grow. 

How Loss Prevention Devices Can Increase Your Bottom Line 

Whether you’re new to loss prevention or a seasoned professional, there are solutions to help with your goals. At Product Protection Solutions (PPS), we assist retailers in finding the device that best fits their needs. Our team is familiar with the gaps often left open by traditional retail loss prevention solutions.

There are misconceptions that one device can solve all your theft problems or that all security devices are the same. Those assumptions are far from accurate. When you use the best tool on the right product, you’ll save money by reducing theft and start to grow your bottom line. 

4 Ways Security Devices Grow Your Profits 

Maintain Accurate Inventory Levels 

Reduces employee time matching up the data with physical counts. 

Customers Can Easily Purchase Their Products 

They leave as happy customers and return for repeat purchases.

Openly Display Your Merchandise 

Some devices allow you to display the merchandise without locking it. These tools maintain the customer’s shopping accessibility, so their shopping experience is enjoyable, and they return to the store.

Less Shoplifting Creates a Safer Environment 

Both customers and employees feel safe being in the environment and might share that information with others. 

Selecting the Right Loss Prevention Device

Since there are numerous types and styles of loss prevention devices on the market, learning which ones are right for your needs can make all the difference. Read the four facts about buying loss prevention devices before making your purchase.

Or contact the PPS team, and we can help to assist you during the process. We work with companies of all sizes, from mom-and-pop shops to large corporations. We can work with these companies because we know how to utilize technology and security solutions together while understanding supply chain areas. 

Contact us to learn how we can help your business save money with loss prevention.