Security is the number-one priority when it comes to the health of any retail establishment. With the rise of ORC (organized retail crime) as an ongoing challenge, access control solutions have become the first line of defense for valuable inventories.


The industry’s most cutting-edge systems are designed to protect commercial facilities from multiple angles, offering a comprehensive security solution to give business owners everywhere some valuable peace of mind.

6 Access Control Solutions for Retail

Education is the first step to protecting you against the threats of ORC. So, here are six access control solutions that play a crucial role in creating a safer shopping environment and enhancing loss prevention measures.

1. Physical Access Control

Physical access control solutions are an essential foundation for maintaining security in retail stores. These systems help protect entry points and restrict access to only authorized personnel. Typically, these systems involve:


Keyless Entry: Modern access control systems have revolutionized the way we secure our spaces. These advanced systems have done away with the conventional keys we used to rely on, and instead, they employ electronic credentials such as keycards or smartphone-based access.


Biometric Authentication: Because they cannot be shared or stolen, biometrics like fingerprint recognition or facial scanning have been adopted as a primary method of access control across a wide range of industries.


Keycard Systems: When you combine keycards with PIN codes, you create a two-factor authentication system to provide an extra layer of security. In the event a keycard or PIN falls into the wrong hands, these authentication factors can be deactivated for the safety of the business.

2. Visitor Management

Managing visitor traffic is extremely important for retail establishments, creating a valuable record of individuals coming in and going out from their controlled areas. Retailers can make use of these access control solutions to:


Monitor Visitors: These systems can keep track of when visitors arrive and leave, offering up-to-date information and valuable insights.


Improve Customer Experience: Retailers have the opportunity to enhance the shopping experience for both their customers and employees by providing a more secure environment.

3. Status Monitoring

Monitoring the status is an essential aspect of access control solutions. Business owners and managers can conveniently monitor the status of secured entryways from a remote location. This includes checking when doors are open or closed, locked or unlocked, at any given time of the day.

4. Intercom and Notification Systems

Today’s most advanced access control solutions often incorporate two-way audio communication systems. These systems allow staff and visitors to communicate instantly, improving security and offering prompt assistance when necessary.

5. Cloud-Based Auditing

Activity data from an access control system can be stored in the cloud for later reference. With this cloud-based auditing system, retailers can conveniently access historical data regarding the individuals who entered and exited their facilities on any specific day. This feature has proven to be highly effective for security reviews and investigations.

6. Mobile Credentials

The use of mobile credentials is transforming the way access control is managed throughout the retail industry. By leveraging the technology of our everyday smartphones, retailers can enjoy:


Varied Authentication Methods: Mobile credentials commonly incorporate strong authentication methods like PIN codes, fingerprint recognition, and even facial scanning, providing a new level of security to keyless entry.


Encryption: Mobile credential access control solutions use encryption as a means to bolster security still further. This encryption protects data from potential interception or tampering, keeping your business safe digitally as well as physically.

Access Control Solutions from PPS

Here at Product Protection Solutions, we provide retailers with the industry’s most effective access control solutions to enhance security with a customizable approach. With the right resources, retailers can benefit from technologies that will safeguard their assets, enhance loss prevention efforts, and create a secure and inviting shopping experience for customers.


Access control solutions play a crucial role in ensuring the security of modern retail establishments, combatting ORC by securing entry points, tracking visitor activity, and providing comprehensive status monitoring. As retailers navigate the ever-changing landscape of security challenges, access control solutions can light the way. 

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