Do your employees feel safe when they arrive for their shift? Do your customers look relaxed while they shop? Those are important questions that you should consider because it affects employee retention and repeat customers, both of which impact your bottom line. 

Imagine if there was a shield you could place over the store that anyone with harmful intentions wouldn’t be able to enter. How would that make your employees and customers feel? Maybe they would have a sense of safety inside the store, secure that they will have a good experience inside, and confident that nothing could go wrong.

Now, what if we told you that you could install a shield of protection? It would be a PPS Shield! At Product Protection Solutions (PPS), we’re your theft defense team. We’ve been on a mission to shield our customers from amateur and professional thieves. One solution that we’ve found is security shelf solutions that reduce shelf sweeping! 

Why Security Shelves?

Most “hot” merchandise includes personal care items, beauty products, and home cleaning supplies, and any retailer selling them becomes a target for thieves. Since these products are easy to sweep, putting measures in place to prevent this method would make your location a less theft-friendly site.

Unfortunately, not all security shelves are the same. Consider selecting a device that gives customers access to the products and allows you to use them interchangeably among the merchandise. 

How To Make Both Your Staff and Customers Feel Safe

Did you know that shoplifters are less likely to steal from a retailer if they feel someone is watching them? They’re probably going to leave the store and find an easier target. And what are the chances they’ll return to your location again? Highly unlikely! When your theft numbers go down, employees’ sense of safety goes up. 

How Safety Impacts the Shopper’s Experience 

When your staff begins to feel safer, you’ll notice they might start to look happier, walk around often, and talk to shoppers more frequently. And your customers will see those simple changes, even if they aren’t fully aware of what they’re noticing. As they spend time in the store, they’ll feel relaxed and shop longer. And since you have well-stocked shelves (thanks to less shrinkage), it could increase their purchases and become repeat customers. 

Your Safety Solution 

Our team’s research has shown us that a visible theft deterrent is one of the most valuable ways to deter theft. Most shoplifters will avoid a challenge, but some will enter the store anyways. So, the next step is to use a sound deterrent to warn thieves when they enter the store. When someone removes merchandise from a hook or shelf, it releases a sound, causing thieves to stop. They want to avoid attention at almost all costs, and a beep says, “hey look at me!” from a thief’s perspective (from a customer’s perspective, it’s a low sound, and most don’t even notice).

We discuss sound deterrents in depth in a previous article, #1 Solution to Deter Organized Retail Crime Methods. 

Choosing the Right Security Shelf 

As we mentioned above, not all shelf solutions are equal. Here’s what to look for when selecting a retail security shelf.

  • A visual deterrent item 
  • Releases a sound to ward off thieves 
  • Self-install 
  • Uses a two-hand method to remove a product 
  • Ability to combine it with other loss prevention devices 

#1 Reason to Select IMCo Products 

At PPS, we only recommend products that are proven to be effective at combating loss. And when we found IMCo’s devices and read the data that backed up their claims, we couldn’t wait to share them with you! 

They have two security shelf solutions that meet the above criteria and more. Their devices are flexible, and if you already have a pusher on your shelves, you can continue to use it after installing their system. Learn more about their shelf-ready solutions below. 


It uses motion sensors to detect movement and product removals. 

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Flex Panel

It uses panels to secure merchandise, and sensors pick up the panel’s movement, allowing employees to know someone looking at those items. 

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Become Part of the PPS Shield! 

One of the main reasons retailers focus on loss prevention is to provide an environment where their employees and customers can feel safe. Especially if the store is in a city that regularly deals with theft, learn how the PPS Shield can secure your losses through security shelves, anti-theft devices, or even a customizable option! 

Contact us so we can become part of your theft defense team!