Just as parents must choose the type of milk they’ll feed their baby, retailers must choose which method to secure their baby formula stock. Knowing all your options is the best way to ensure you make the right choice. 

When it comes to baby formula anti-theft methods, you can choose from:

  • Secured glass cases 
  • Individual anti-theft devices
  • Shelf security devices
  • Source tagging

And within each method, there are several ways you can secure inventory. First, we will discuss the pros and cons of each method above. Then share with you the top two baby formula theft prevention options on the market that’ll help to deter theft and increase your profits! 

4 Baby Formula Theft Prevention Methods 

Once you know what you can choose, you can select the right option for your needs. Whether you’ve already tried some of the baby formula anti-theft methods below or you’re just getting started, we’re here to help you. 

Option 1: Secured Glass Cases 

Pro: This option is almost 100% effective against theft.

Con: It has the potential to decrease sales volume because customers can’t find help.

Pro: Employees won’t have to monitor baby formula inventory throughout the day.

Con: Employees will have to stop what they’re doing to open cases for customers.


Pro: Easily stores the majority of your inventory. 

Con: Requires the customers to find and request employee assistance to obtain the item.

Option 2: Individual Anti-Theft Devices

Pro: Some devices are interchangeable and can work with similarly sized merchandise.  

Con: Employees must add the device to every item before placing it on shelves.

Pro: Some offer a reusable option, which saves you money.

Con: You must purchase devices from a reputable buyer to receive quality-made ones.

Pro: Some devices allow you to add an alarming feature.

Con: Alarms could sound by accident when employees attempt to remove them, disturbing the shopping experience.

Option 3: Shelf Security Devices

Pro: It stores your merchandise in an open merchandising device, so it doesn’t impact the customer’s shopping experience. 

Con: Depending on the style, it may only hold a small amount of inventory.

Pro: Some designs prevent thieves from shelf sweeping.

Con: Customers who want more than one item will need to grab each item individually.

Pro: Choose from several different device sizes to ensure it fits the inventory you need to secure.

Con: Some devices can only fit a specific-sized item, and you can’t use it with other merchandise. 

Option 4: Source Tagging 

Pro: It saves you time by having a third-party company apply the security label before it arrives at your store.

Con: Depending on your need, the cost-to-source tag could have a low ROI.

Pro: Keeps the product’s appearance the same, maintaining the shopping experience. 

Con: It doesn’t act as a theft deterrent, so thieves may continue their attempts to steal merchandise.

Pro: You can sell the product once it arrives at the store.

Con: Many third-party source taggers require an order minimum, so check to see if your needs fit the requirements.

Baby Formula Security Option #1: Shelf Security Protection 

At Product Protection Solutions (PPS), we work with retailers of all sizes, so our team is familiar with the challenges the industry is facing with baby formula theft. This is why we have several theft deterrent options to fit many budgets. You can contact us to discuss your needs and budget with a team member to learn your options.

Today, we’re sharing the top two loss prevention options that effectively deter thieves. Option number one is IMCo Solutions’ The Easy Glide. This shelf-ready solution can quickly be placed on your shelf as soon as it arrives. 

The Easy Glide’s features include the following.

  • A beeping alert that sounds whenever a person removes an item.
  • It allows for a customizable alarm option. 
  • It can support heavy round bottles.
  • You can alter its product-holding capabilities, so if your high-theft merchandise changes, you can continue to use The Easy Glide.
  • It’s simple to use, almost anyone can change the sizing requirements in a few steps. 
  • It can send real-time alerts for:
    • Inventory status
    • Item removals 
    • Organized Retail Crime alerts
  • It can integrate with communication systems with text-to-speech features to send real-time notifications to your staff.


Baby Formula Security Option #2: Reusable Security Device 

Option number two to help secure your baby formula inventory from theft is the Keepsafe™ Formula Gryp. And our team had your needs in mind when designing this anti-theft device.

The Formula Gryp’s features include the following.  

  • It secures infant formula cans (or other similar-sized items) between 12.5 oz. and 20.9 oz.
  • It works with both EAS and RFID technologies.
  • The device helps to reduce your baby formula inventory shrinkage.
  • It supports your current planograms.

Contact PPS for All Your Theft Deterrence Needs

Our team provides retailers with loss prevention services and devices to meet their goals and budget. And if you need assistance securing additional inventory, we can help find the right solution for you. 

To learn more about The Easy Glide, Formula Gryp, or any other loss-prevention device, contact us by using our online form or calling 866-750-5744.