Unlike large companies that can dedicate an entire department to loss prevention solutions, it can be challenging to maintain an effective strategy if you’re a small or medium-sized retailer. At Product Protection Solutions (PPS), we’ve developed a loss prevention checklist for retailers. This checklist will help you protect all areas of your business from internal to external losses and provide helpful tips on how to continue with this strategy even during busy times. 

Business Areas to Review for Loss Prevention 

There are several areas in your business that either help or hinder your profits. Below is a list of the parts of your business to review.

  • Cash handling procedures 
  • Internal loss prevention policies
  • Loss prevention technologies 
  • Physical location security measures
  • Reduce return fraud 
  • Staff training on monitoring theft

Download Your Loss Prevention Checklist for Retail 

This printable list will assist you in implementing and maintaining policies that will reduce shoplifting, employee theft, and refund fraud. Click here to download your loss prevention checklist for retail.

Immediate Product Specific Solutions for Retailers 

If you’re looking for loss prevention solutions you can quickly execute, there are plenty of options for you to select from with PPS. Review the below list for the merchandise you want to secure with its recommended security device. 

Tips on Maintaining Your Loss Prevention Strategy Throughout the Year

As your business continues to grow, you can find yourself short on time. When that happens, don’t stop your loss prevention solutions strategy. Here are some valuable tips for maintaining your loss prevention plans even when time is limited. 

  • Create company-wide processes that everyone can follow
  • Provide loss prevention training for all staff
  • Share loss prevention goals with staff
  • Offer incentives when achieving company goals
  • Delegate the responsibilities with other members
  • Designate a specific person to review loss prevention policies
  • Work with a loss prevention solution provider 

Take the First Step in the Right Direction

At PPS, our teams work with all budget sizes to develop solutions to fit our customers’ needs and goals. Even if you don’t know where to start, we can help you take the first step. We’ve worked with companies that: 

  • Had no strategy in place
  • Needed to update a current strategy 
  • Only wanted products that provided immediate results 
  • Were looking for solutions to fit a specific need

Find out how we can help you by contacting us online or by phone at 866-750-5744.