What a time to be alive! We can purchase almost everything we could ever need online. We’re only a few clicks away from placing an order, with it arriving at our door a few days later. Online shopping becomes even more convenient when we can order valuable business tools from the comfort of our office. 

If you’re new to buying anti-theft tags online, you’re reading the right article. We will explain what you need to know when buying different security tag types online so you can feel confident and excited about purchasing your loss prevention tools online. 

Choosing the Best Security Tag Type for Your Needs

When you order your online groceries, you know the type and brand of milk you want. And you should feel that type of confidence when selecting security tags too. So, we’re going to review your security tag type options below. If you want more details about each tag, read our previous article on the topic. 

Four common anti-theft tag categories are:

  • EAS tags with AM, RF, and RFID technology 
  • Visual tags 
  • Benefit denial tags 
  • Specialty tags

When You Should Purchase Each Specific Tag

EAS Tags with AM Technology 

  • You need a large detection area
  • The tags have a high probability of being around electronic and metallic interference
  • You’ll need to reuse or reactive the tags

EAS Tags with RF Technology 

  • You have a limited budget 
  • The tags won’t come in contact with electronic and metallic interference 

EAS Tags with RFID Technology 

  • You want a convenient technology option
  • You want a tag that can also double as an inventory management solution 
  • Gain access to higher accuracy of real-time data

Visual Tags

  • Your budget is small and limited 
  • You only want to give the illusion of added security to potential shoplifters 

Benefit Denial Tags

  • Reduce the likelihood of ORC theft (stealing a product to resell it)
  • Use it as an alternative to EAS
  • Or use it as an added level of security to your current loss prevention measures 

Specialty Tags for Uniquely Shaped Items 

If you sell high-theft merchandise that’s large or unusually sized, several security tag options are available to help deter shoplifters from stealing those items. Some specialty tags can include protection for:

  • Wine and liquor bottles
  • Energy drinks 
  • Ice cream pint containers 
  • Baby formula containers 
  • Laundry items 

Ready to Buy?

If you have the information you need to start making confident purchasing decisions, head to the PPS store to find the best tags for your business. 

Questions to Ask When Purchasing Security Tags Online 

We need to make note that not all devices are made equal. Just like you can have two almost identical watches, one watch is made with high-quality materials, and the other is made with cheap ones. After one year of use, the cheaply made watch shows visible wear and tear, and the first-rate watch still looks new. The same concept applies to security tags.

So, before you purchase the cheapest option (thinking they’re all the same), ask the below questions and save yourself the stress and cost of rebuying new devices next year.

#1 Where are the tags manufactured?

#2 How long can I reuse the tags before replacing them?

#3 How versatile are the tags?

#4 Can the tags stand up to daily use without showing wear and tear?

#5 How easy can I attach and detach the tags?

Tips on Selecting a Loss Prevention Company for Your Needs

Now that you know how to choose the right devices for your needs, you must know how to select the right loss prevention company. Unfortunately, as online shoppers, many of us made poor purchases from not-so-reputable companies, which leaves us with items we weren’t expecting. So, to help you avoid that problem, here are a few things to look for when choosing a loss prevention company for buying security tags. 

  • Purchase from a United States-based company
  • Review their social media accounts to see their activity level 
  • If you’re unsure if the company is legitimate, call and talk to one of their representatives
  • Look for a company that is an expert in loss prevention needs 
  • If you’re unsure of which item to purchase, they should provide you with the knowledgeable information to help you make a decision 
  • Talk to other retailers to learn who they purchase their devices from 

Now It’s Time to Shop Until You Drop

Hopefully, this article gave you the information you needed to make confident security tag purchases. At Product Protection Solutions (PPS), we’re here to help you find the loss prevention device to deter theft while protecting your profits. 

If you’re ready to start shopping, visit our online store for high-quality, durable security tags. 

If you have questions, contact us online or call 866-750-5744.