Great news, you just found out that your store is a new carrier of a high-selling product line of limited-edition iPhone cases! This popular item is already one of the fastest-selling products for the quarter, and your first shipment is on its way. 

There’s one problem, these phone cases are so high in demand that Organized Retail Crime (ORC) groups are also targeting them. However, since this line is only available for a limited time, developing a custom ORC loss prevention option might not be worth the investment. Instead, there’s a hook security solution for you that is flexible and scalable (which also increases its ROI potential)! 

Your next step is to learn how this anti-sweep hook security can fit into your store and how it can take your loss prevention up a notch.

An Anti-Sweep Solution from Abroad 

According to the most recent studies, the average dollar amount lost per shoplifting incident is $461.86. Which is over an 80% increase from the previous year (NRF’s 2021 National Retail Security Survey), and ORC plays a significant role in that money lost. 

“We’re in a time where traditional loss prevention solutions can’t compete with ORC’s ongoing advances, so as an industry, we need to grow too. Many of our C-level customers have come to the PPS team asking if there’s anything we can do to strengthen their security against shelf sweeping. And when our customers present our team with a shrinkage challenge, we bring our A-game to find an answer, and we found one!” said Tim Gates, SVP of Business Development at Product Protection Solutions (PPS). 

Who Is IMCo Solutions?

To find an effective solution, our team looked beyond the U.S. to see what retailers in other countries were doing to deter ORC groups. That’s when we met IMCo Solutions. They work with many C-level retailers combating the same problem in the US — sweep theft. After a thorough investigation, including interviews with shoplifters, the IMCo team learned what they needed to do to combat ORC. 

3 Incredible Ways IMCo’s Anti-Sweep Hook Security Differs from Others 

IMCo’s anti-sweep answer was simple, but their approach was remarkable. For their hook security devices, they utilized IoT technology so retailers could connect all their anti-theft solutions in an effective and customer-friendly way. So, if you’re wondering why we recommend their devices, you’re about to see why.

#1 Deter Thieves with Sound

They equipped their products with a beep to alert employees when a customer was removing an item. So if someone attempts to take too many things at once within a specific time limit (you determine that number), an alarm begins to sound.  

Result: Thieves typically don’t target stores if they think someone is watching them, so your location becomes a smaller ORC target.

#2 Connect to Anything with the Internet 

IoT technology allows you to connect this device to anything with an internet connection — cell phones, Apple watches, or headsets. 

Result: You and your staff can set custom notifications on the data that’s important to you. 

  • Item removals 
  • Low or out-of-stock notification
  • Product purchasing and returns information

#3 A 2- to 3-Year Battery Life Option

And the replacement battery is easy to find and even easier to replace. Thanks to the power of IoT, you can set up a notification to alert your staff when the battery is running low so someone can change it.

Result: Minimal ongoing maintenance, and if you lose power, your merchandise is still secure and will alert staff of any product removals. 

Your Hook Solution

IoT Hook by IMCo

  • Two prong design so a person can only remove one item at a time 
  • Releases a small beep during merchandise removal 
  • Alarm settings are fully customizable

Shield Your Hanging Merchandise from Theft

Hanging merchandise is often an easy-selling product since it’s effortless for customers to find and purchase. Don’t limit your customer’s buying power by locking up these products and requiring employee assistance. The IoT Hook is open-merchandising and customer-friendly choice that will meet your needs.

Contact us to learn how these devices can deter ORC and increase your sales!