If it’s time for you to research and purchase an EAS system for your retail store, then you’re in the right place! Since every retailer has their own needs, you want to make sure that you select the right brand, style, and features that’ll help your business to profit.

Here at Product Protection Solutions (PPS), we’re a team of loss prevention experts, and we make it our mission to assist retailers in finding the solution that’ll meet their needs and goals. Since an EAS system is a powerful anti-theft device for stores, we’ll break down the details of buying one and the tools you can use with it. 

What is an EAS System?

An Electronic Article Surveillance, or EAS, security system uses AM, RF, or RFID technologies (you choose the type of technology you want). This system contains antennas that connect with security tags and labels when they come within a certain proximity to the EAS system.

How an EAS System Works

For example, if you choose to install an EAS system that features RFID technology, you would purchase RFID tags and labels to secure the merchandise in the store. Once the system is installed and operating, you can secure products using RFID tags/labels. Then if someone attempts to shoplift one of those items, when the person tries to leave the store, the RFID tag/label communicates with the EAS antennas to sound an alarm. 

EAS System Brands, Styles, Features: Everything You Need to Know 

The National Retail Federation recently released its Retail Security Survey that shows inventory shrinkage (primarily from theft) cost retailers $94.5 billion in losses in 2021 (source page 9). An EAS system helps combat shoplifters by providing a strong visual deterrent before they even enter the store. Since this system is an investment into your business, we’re here to guide you through the many options. 

Choosing a Brand of EAS System 

Sometimes retailers wonder if the brand matters, and we’re here to tell you – yes, it matters! The brand (and, ultimately, the system’s manufacturer) determines the device’s durability, reliability, and longevity. You want to purchase a system from a reputable brand that develops quality products.

At PPS, we recommend Nedap’s EAS systems because of their commitment to providing quality products and continual technological advancements. 

Understanding the Difference Between AM, RF, and RFID Technology

The main difference between the technologies is the frequency the system operates. 

  • AM frequency is the lowest; it’s around 58 KHz
  • RF frequency is stronger; it’s around 8.2 MHz
  • RFID frequency has the most powerful possibility; it’s between 3 and 30 MHz (depending on its strength) 

At PPS, we recommend RFID because of its ability to increase your inventory control options compared to AM and RF technologies. Learn more about RFID devices and how they work.

Finding the Right EAS System Style

EAS systems can be more than two bland pedestals at the store’s entrance. Instead, there are a variety of pedestal styles you can select from, along with more discreet EAS system options that you can install if you want to maintain the store’s design. 

You can choose from the following:

  • Lighter or darker colors 
  • A modern open design 
  • A Plexiglass design  
  • A ceiling overhead system design 

Selecting the EAS Features

Systems will promote different features; you’ll want to review your needs and budget to narrow your choices. Here’s a helpful tip: consider your current and future needs because you want to avoid purchasing another system in 5 years because your needs grow.

Some of the best features you should consider are:

  • Real-time visibility allows you to see inventory information quickly
  • Directionality detection helps to reduce the potential of false alarms 
  • Network integrations so you can pair the system with other devices
  • Analytics options that will allow you to monitor and review inventory data

Buying EAS System Tools 

This is the fun part of having an EAS system! Numerous loss-prevention devices can secure your goods while allowing for open merchandising and effectively deter thieves. Review some anti-theft devices now. 

PPS is Your Loss Prevention Ally! 

As you continue to secure your business from shoplifters, allow the PPS team to be by your side. We’re here to help you find and select the tools for loss prevention success. 


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