Three words, one abbreviation — Internet of Things (IoT for short). If you follow our blogs, then you’ve already read our article about how the future of loss prevention technology is IoT. Well, this is a continuation of that piece. 

We will focus on how this new loss prevention technology can decrease your shrinkage and increase your sales with less effort from you and your staff. We’re happy to share a shelf-ready solution that has proven successful in our industry. 

A New Loss Prevention Technology on the Market 

As a loss prevention professional, you understand technology’s value in our success, especially when it involves retail shrinkage. We’ve seen the success RFID had for retailers, and while it still provides many benefits, this new loss prevention technology has the potential to provide even more benefits than RFID. 

To summarize it quickly, IoT can connect to any device that has an internet connection, from iPhones to headsets to Smart TVs — the possibilities are endless. When you create these connections with your devices, you and your staff can now access accurate, real-time data at a moment’s notice. 

Why Should You Incorporate This Latest Technology in Your Store?

One simple reason, it’s scalable. IoT can meet you where you’re at, and you don’t need to use all the device’s features at once. Instead, incorporate the IoT device in your high-need areas first. Then as you see the benefits it provides, try out its other features.

How Did We Learn About This New Option?

“At PPS, we are regularly searching for options that’ll help our industry to succeed and throughout our search we found IMCo Solutions. To put it plainly, when we saw the research and customer success that backed up their devices, we knew this was the answer to many of our customers’ concerns.”, said Tim Gates, SVP of Business Development at PPS. 

Read more about IMCo in this previous article. 

Less Work for Better Results: How IoT Can Help You

IMCo’s IoT devices are part of their in-store analytics solutions line (this is an upgraded version of their loss prevention solutions line). The purpose of these devices is to keep it simple enough that any employee can install the device and receive notifications regarding the merchandise. 

And their IoT devices offer the flexibility to use interchangeably with other similar-sized products. Then as technology continues to grow, you’ll be able to upgrade your device without purchasing new ones. 

Finally, a Shelf Ready Solution That’s Staff and Customer Friendly

You have two choices for IoT devices, a hook and a pusher. Both options include: 

  • Self-installation
  • A 2- to 3-year battery life 
  • Customizable alert features
    • ORC alerts
    • Real-time stock levels  
    • Low inventory counts 
    • Low battery alert
    • Product removals 
  • Easy-to-follow instructions for staff 
  • Features a small beep every time someone removes an item
    • Barely noticeable to customers
    • Wards off potential thieves 

IoT Hook

  • Features a two-prong design which makes shelf-sweeping nearly impossible
  • Uses a sound deterrent beep to discourage ORC thieves
  • Optional alarm feature to sound when someone removes multiple items within a few seconds (you can customize those settings)

IoT Pusher 

  • Allows for open merchandising 
  • Compatible with your existing pusher 
  • Emits a beep for item removals 
  • Option alarm feature 

At PPS, our team is always looking for ways to help the loss prevention industry to deter Organized Retail Crime groups and thieves. IMCo’s devices can help fill the gap many traditional loss prevention devices have left open. Contact us to help learn which device option could work best for your needs. 

Add This Loss Prevention Technology to Your Store

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