Did you know in 2020, the average shoplifter stole $461.86 from retailers? (2021 National Retail Security Survey) Investing in reliable, high-quality retail anti-theft devices will help to reduce theft, and you will save thousands of dollars over time. 

The good news is there are numerous device options available for you to select. If the process feels overwhelming or you’re unsure about which product to purchase, this article will help you learn which device to pick, along with other loss prevention resources that can help your business reduce shrinkage. 

5 Popular Theft Prevention Devices Currently Available 

Below are several retail anti-theft devices available from Product Protection Solutions (PPS) that can help you prevent loss and secure your bottom line! 

1. Alarming Devices for High Shrink Merchandise 

You can choose from cable locks or quad wraps equipped with alarm protection. These devices can be ordered in various sizes and are interchangeable with similarly sized products. As a result, they work exceptionally well for oversized products (cleaning supplies, luggage, etc.) 

2. RFID-Enabled Tags and Labels 

Once you select the hard tag or label for your product, the PPS team can program the device’s Individual Electronic Product Codes (EPCs) to track and identify your merchandise. This option works well for preventing theft and inventory management. 

3. Polycarbonate Safers

This anti-theft device works with existing planograms, and you can reuse it with similarly sized products. Select from several styles, including hinged safers, slotted safers, and specialty safers. There are over 30 different-sized safers available to protect all of your high-shrink merchandise including micro-size, small, medium, and large.

4. Stoplock for Pegged Merchandise  

Secure your hanging inventory with stoplock protection. You can place this device in front of your hanging merchandise (you can easily remove it with a magnetic key). Additionally, you can leave one item in front of the lock for easy customer access while protecting the additional inventory behind it. 

5. Collar and Cap Protection 

These unique devices offer high-strength protection for energy drinks, wines, liquors, baby formula, ice cream pints, and other similar merchandise. Bottle security tags are available in various sizes and styles, including bottle security collars, bottle covers, bottle boxes, covered bottle tags, energy caps, and formula grips

3 Questions to Help You Select the Right Device 

After learning about the above retail anti-theft devices, if you’re still unsure which product to purchase, review the questions below to help determine which will work best for your merchandise. 

Question #1: What is the size of merchandise that needs protection?

  • Small or easy to conceal items
    • RFID-enabled labels
    • Polycarbonate safers
    • Stoplocks 
    • Security caps 
  • High-valued items sold in various sizes 
    • RFID-enabled tags 
    • Polycarbonate safers 
    • Security collar or caps (depending on the product) 
    • Cable locks 
  • Large or oversized items
    • Cable locks 
    • Quad wraps
    • Hard tags 

Question #2: Do you need budget-friendly security devices?

Look for devices that are:

  • Reusable 
  • Interchangeable among various products 
  • Easy to use (so staff can easily add and remove them quickly) 
  • 3+ year lifespan 

Devices that meet the above criteria include safers, hard tags, stoplocks, and some bottle protection devices. 

Question #3: Are you looking for high-strength protection?

If you sell high-shrink merchandise that needs additional protection (which traditional retail anti-theft devices can’t provide), consider the following:

  • Devices that offer 1, 2, or 3-alarm protection
    • Cable locks 
    • Quad wraps 
  • Fully encased devices to protect the product (unlike retail display locks, which can hinder the shopping experience)
    • Safers
    • Bottle covers
    • Bottle boxes 
  • Protection against sweep theft 
    • The Swing Gate 
    • Mechanical single product dispensers
    • Anti-sweep hooks 

Additional Resources to Help Reduce Loss  

Finding and selecting the best anti-theft security devices for your business takes time. Review some of our recent articles to help with your search. 

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