The holiday classic, Home Alone, provides viewers with some helpful (and hilarious) ways to secure their homes from holiday thieves. But did you know you can transfer some of those ideas to your retail store? We’re here to share with you three ways you can turn Kevin McCallister’s classic hijinks into reliable loss prevention solutions this Christmas season. 

Transforming Classic Home Alone Traps to Deter Thieves This Holiday Season

“Keep the Change” 

Deterring the wet bandits using the audio from a movie was a clever and simple idea with powerful effects. Since thieves prefer to go unnoticed, using sound deterrent anti-theft devices can go a long way in securing your merchandise. 

Sound Deterrent Solutions

IMCo Hooks

IMCo Flex Panel

IMCo Pushers

Keepsafe™ Alarm Series

The Feathered Bandit 

While covering potential thieves with chicken feathers isn’t the most practical product protection option, it does show that visual impact deterrence can have on a thief. Drawing attention to the physical loss prevention device on the merchandise will cause someone to think twice about stealing.

Open Merchandising Solutions

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Keepsafe™ Energy Caps

Keepsafe™ Formula Gryp

Keepsafe™ Safers Series

Keepsafe™ Zip Tag

Too Hot to Touch 

After one of the bandits touched a hot door handle, he was more cautious of his actions afterward. Imagine if you could receive notifications on product removals, out-of-stocks, and ORC alerts; then, you could confidently take your next steps. The good news is you can! The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology that can help you strengthen your product security. 

IoT Solutions

IMCo IoT Hook

IMCo Flex Panel

IMCo IoT Pusher

Keep Safe This Holiday Season 

Throughout this holiday season and into 2023, remember you’re never alone. The PPS team has your back! We’re only a phone call or message away from helping you achieve your loss prevention goals. 

From all of us at PPS, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very profitable new year!