RFID tags are part of a network-connected security EAS system that uses radio waves to transmit data back and forth from the base (EAS system) and the reader (RFID tag). RFID technology has shown tremendous benefits with loss prevention success over the years. These devices are effective loss prevention tools that also work as an accurate inventory management system. 

Currently, there’s a large market for RFID-based EAS systems and RFID tags and labels that selecting the one might feel overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be, get ready to learn how RFID tags work and understand some of the RFID options available for your business. 

Here’s How RFID Tags Work

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based EAS systems can send and receive radio waves from the RFID devices. Unlike AM and RF signals and barcodes, RFID doesn’t require physical contact or a line of sight to receive the information. As a result, these signals fulfill several purposes, showing an immediate ROI for your investment.

Your ROI for Investing in RFID

RFID tags can: 

  • Track on-hand inventory 
  • Track merchandise being sold
  • Inventory the entire store within minutes using a handheld RFID reader
  • Be programmed to meet your specific needs

How RFID Helps with Loss Prevention Success

When RFID was first used as a loss prevention tool, it was a costly investment and was only used to track high-value merchandise (source). Fortunately, things have moved along well and RFID is now an affordable loss prevention strategy that’s a great option for high shrink items (even if they aren’t high valued products).

Also, thanks to advancing technology, you can customize RFID data for your specific needs. You have the ability to rewrite and modify the data if your needs change over the years. You can even program the RFID reader to read multiple tags and labels at once! 

RFID in Action

Here’s one example of how you can use RFID tags to prevent theft.

  1. Place an RFID tag on a high theft item.
  2. The reader inside the RFID tag will track the product’s location.
  3. When someone removes the item from the safe area, the staff is alerted.
  4. An alarm will sound if the product passes a certain point and is moving towards the exit.
  5. Security stops the thief before the product ever leaves the store.

4 Types of RFID Devices  

There are many RFID tags, labels, and other devices on the market. At Product Protection Solutions (PPS), we developed an advanced loss prevention device line, Keepsafe™ Series. It combines security devices with RFID technology with an improved design. This series fills the gaps that traditional devices often lack.

Here are the top four Keepsafe™ Series RFID devices that can help reduce theft and accurately manage, track and protect your merchandise. 

RFID Alarm Series 

This line includes quad wraps and cable locks made from quality and durable materials, ensuring a long lifespan of continual use. 

Learn more about RFID alarming products. 

RFID Beverage Protection 

Whether you sell energy drinks, wines, liquors, or canned beverages, our bottle tags will help keep high-shrink merchandise protected. The bottle security tags feature advanced magnetic lock protection that prevents damage to the product’s label.

View available RFID bottle tags.

RFID Safers 

Includes a complete line of Chromium-Gauss safers in various sizes that works with existing planograms and allows for open display merchandising.  

Check out the current RFID safers line.

RFID Tags and Labels 

This line includes RFID-enabled products customized for product identification and tracking using Individual Electronic Product Codes (EPCs).

Learn all about RFID tags and labels. 

It’s Time to Shop for RFID Devices 

Contact the PPS team to start shopping for your RFID-enabled loss prevention tools and start protecting your profits today!