There are several different types of retail security tags available that’ll help you to prevent shoplifting. If you’re wondering how security tags work, which type you should use, and why they are essential, we’re here to answer those questions. 

Understanding How Security Tags Work

Several tag styles are available, and although each kind is slightly different, they operate in a similar manner. Every tag contains a locking mechanism that goes through or around the item to lock it into place. For instance, you can attach a tag to clothing, luggage, or sporting goods. Then an employee will remove it using a detacher during checkout (allowing you to reuse tags for several years).

There are two types of locking options: magnetic and mechanical. 

Magnetic Locks

You’ll remove this lock using a magnetic detacher. As a reminder, the higher the magnetic strength, the more challenging it’ll be to remove without the proper detacher. You can select a magnetic force of standard, super or hyper.

Mechanic Locks 

Remove this lock by using extreme force on the tag.

Benefit Denial Tags

Increase product security with benefit denial security tags. This option ensures that if a thief attempts to remove the tag without the proper detacher, the tag damages the product, so it becomes useless. For instance, the manufacturer can fill tags with ink, so the ink is released if someone attempts to remove the device without a detacher. 

EAS Systems and Tags

Along with securing merchandise with a lock, security tags work extremely well with an EAS system. An electronic transmitter is placed inside the device, and an alarm will sound when it comes close to the EAS system. Depending on the type of system you use, tags can have an AM, RF, or RFID transmitter. 

Learn more about EAS Anti-Theft Systems.

5 Styles of Security Tags 

There are several styles of tags available depending on the type of merchandise you want to protect.  

Selecting the Right Style for You

If you’re unsure which tag style to purchase, read our article on selecting an anti-theft device for a retail store

4 Reasons Why Security Tags Are Important 

Shoplifting is a constant concern for retailers, so using anti-theft devices, like tags, allows you to focus on protecting your profits. 

When you attach a tag to your merchandise, a few things happen:

  1. Creates a theft deterrent 
  2. Lowers your chances of theft occurring
  3. Maintains your customer’s shopping experience by not locking up the item 
  4. Allows your staff to focus on other tasks instead of monitoring customers for shoplifting 

Implementing a loss prevention program that uses security tags can help to reduce theft and encourage repeat customers by maintaining proper inventory levels. 

Are You Ready to Use Security Tags for Your Merchandise?  

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