Servicing customers and deterring thieves from the store are two of the largest contributors to your bottom line. Purchases increase your profits, whereas stolen goods can significantly impact your business. Effectively keeping thieves from your store without hindering the shopping experience can be a game changer for retailers across all industries. 

Self-alarming security tags are one loss-prevention device that can help you achieve that goal. So, whether you’re a small business owner or own multiple retail locations, alarming anti-theft devices offer many benefits towards securing your bottom line this year! 

What are Self-Alarming Security Tags?

Self-alarming security tags are the ideal solution for securing large-sized, high-value, high-theft items.

  • Designer products 
  • Luggage 
  • Sporting goods 

Alarming security tags are compatible with EAS systems and are available in several technologies. 

  • AM – Works well with liquid, metals, or foil packaging items.
  • RF – Works well for items that have flexible application choices 
  • RFID – Works well for items that you want to observe more (i.e., monitoring shrinkage) 

These devices are also hard tags equipped with an alarming element. You can choose from 1-alarm, 2-alarm, or 3-alarm options. Below are examples of what would occur if someone tried to steal merchandise with a self-alarming tag. 

1-Alarm Theft Example

If someone tries to leave the store with the tag still attached to the product, the EAS pedestals will sound an alarm.

2-Alarm Theft Example

If a person attempts to remove the device without the proper detacher, the alarm will sound. (It also includes the scenario from the 1-alarm option.)

3-Alarm Theft Example

If the tag enters the detection field of your security system, the alarm will sound and will continue to sound, even if the tag leaves the store. (It also includes the scenarios from the 2-alarm option.)

5 Alarming Security Tags Advantages  

Loss prevention devices are an investment into the business and its future. Before determining if alarming devices are the best option, review some of their advantages below. 

Flexibility with Features and Costs 

Since you can choose from different sizes, alarming features, detacher options, and technology, you can ensure it meets your needs and have more control over the cost. 

Interchangeable and Reusable 

Use it with other similarly sized merchandise. And many retailers have said their devices can last for several years. 

Fights ORC

Studies show that sound deterrents are an effective deterrent for Organized Retail Crime (ORC). 

Easy to Use

Employees can attach and detach tags in a few simple steps.

Open Display 

These tags prevent locking up the merchandise and allow items to stay on open display for customers. (Locking up merchandise has been shown to decrease sales).

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