If you’re looking for a quick explanation of who the National Retail Federation is and how they help the industry, you’re in the right place! 

Securing your business from thieves requires efforts on all sides. From protecting the inside of your business (loss prevention) and efforts you can take on a larger scale (legal policies), you’ll learn what you can do to help your business to thrive.  

Who is the National Retail Federation?

The National Retail Federation is an American retail trade association that’s the largest in the world. They’re a nonprofit association that opens its membership to retailers, industry partners, insights partner firms, universities, and international retail association members. 

For over 100 years, they have continued to represent retailers across all sectors to help strengthen the industry. Some of the work they do includes:

  • Advocacy in Washington, D.C. 
  • Create and manage trade shows throughout the year
  • Conduct research into industry issues 
  • Educate retailers on current issues, the latest data, and more

They also have a philanthropic side of the association, the NRF Foundation, that focuses on providing skills and resources to anyone working in retail.

What You Can Expect from the National Retail Federation

The above information is a straightforward start to explaining the National Retail Federation (NRF). Now we’ll share examples of past work that has helped American retail businesses. 

Share Their National Retail Security Survey Report

This is an annual survey the NRF releases for free. For the report, they survey retail loss prevention professionals and include industry data on valuable industry topics. Its purpose is to educate the industry, law enforcement partners, the media, and policymakers on what’s occurring within the industry. 

Some of the survey information can include:

  • National retail security issues on:
    • Inventory shrinkage 
    • Employee integrity
    • Organized retail crime
    • Industry risks 
  • Loss prevention team’s responsibilities and skill sets
  • Loss prevention budgets and goals 
  • Shrinkage data
  • Organized retail crime data 
  • Loss prevention technologies 

Download their 2022 survey. 

Educate Policymakers 

They keep our lawmakers educated on the industry’s needs. And they keep it simple on how retailers can share their concerns. Review some of their latest activities on their Action Center. 

Additionally, their most recent work includes sending a letter to President Biden to educate him on the policies that can help the retail industry. Read their letter to the President. 

Produce Events to Bring the Industry Together 

Between hosting their own event or helping to support other organizations, they aim to keep retailers informed on what’s going on and how they can do their part. Learn more about these events and read their 2023 Retail’s Big Show event recap.

Learn More About NRF

You can visit the NRF website for more in-depth information on their goals, past and future work, and membership details. 

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