While searching for solutions on how to prevent shoplifting, have you come across the phrase loss prevention devices? When you hear it, what do you think about it? Do you imagine pins, alarming devices, or security cameras?

All those tools qualify as loss prevention but take it a step further. Imagine solutions that can reduce theft, increase sales, and keep your employees safe.

Going a Step Beyond Theft Prevention 

Deterring theft is essential, but what if you can accomplish more by reducing your workload and the possible stress accompanying a loss? There are loss prevention solutions that go beyond traditional loss prevention devices. Tools that look at the big picture and not one corner of the photo. 

Understanding what happens after a shoplifter steals from your store will help you to find the right device. Here’s an example of what occurs after a theft.

– You lose merchandise and the retail profit from it (money and product are lost)

– Your staff may feel uneasy or scared (a sense of safety is lost)

– You may not have enough inventory available for customers to purchase (customer satisfaction is lost)

– You just increased your workload because you now need to handle the aftermath (peace of mind is lost)

Gaining Back What Was Lost

If you’re looking for solutions that are 100% effective at preventing shoplifting, finding one might take a long time. While completely stopping theft might not be possible, there’s always an outlier who can find a way past any security measure. Some tools are practical at significantly decreasing loss and helping you regain some of what was lost.

Collar and Cap Protection

Decreases theft for:

  • Energy drinks
  • Wines
  • Liquors
  • Baby formula

Increases sales by:

  • Reducing theft
  • Preventing on-site consumption of products
  • Using them interchangeably with similar sizes products 

Provides employee safety by reducing theft occurrences, especially around the holiday season. 

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Stoplock for Pegged Merchandise  

Decreases theft for:

  • Razor cartridges 
  • Bags 
  • Hanging tools 
  • Candy 

Increases sales by:

  • Protecting easy-to-conceal merchandise 
  • Making it customer-friendly by leaving one product in front of the lock
  • Using it with any hanging merchandise, regardless of the size 

Provides employee safety by reducing theft occurrences and acting as a theft deterrent.  

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Pint Protectors 

Decreases theft for frozen 14-16 ounce ice cream pint containers. 

Increases sales by:

  • Securing these high theft products
  • Using an open display lock, making it easy for customers to purchase with employee assistance 
  • Working with existing plan-o-grams 

Provides employee safety by making a high theft item more challenging to steal.

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Decreases theft for:

  • Cosmetics
  • Perfumes
  • Ink cartridges 
  • Razor cartridges 

Increases sales by:

  • Securing products in a polycarbonate safer while still allowing open merchandising for the customer
  • Providing a strong visual deterrent for thieves, especially ORC groups 
  • Integrating with your current EAS system

Provides employee safety by securing commonly stolen items, so thieves are less likely to enter the store.

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How to Prevent Shoplifting with Help from PPS

While theft results in all types of losses, the Product Protection Solutions (PPS) are here to help you combat it while regaining what you lost. 


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