Reducing shrink and preventing theft in a grocery store is a constant concern. From produce to meat to household items, thieves will target any object they can conceal on themselves (yes, even laundry detergent). Supermarket loss prevention is an ongoing strategy for many owners, but you have help! Many online resources and industry professionals are available to aid you in your efforts. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to reduce shrink in the produce department, which has been an ongoing trend for many supermarket owners. Additionally, you’ll discover several loss prevention tips to minimize shrink in other departments, so you can secure your bottom line and protect your profits.  

3 Tips on How to Reduce Shrink in a Produce Department

Produce shrinkage is caused by internal and external theft, fruits and vegetables that expire before being sold, and lack of demand. The below tips will help you to reduce that shrinkage.

#1 Combat Theft by Stocking Prepackaged Produce 

It’s more challenging to steal an item that is prepackaged instead of individually on display. Additionally, it helps maintain the product’s shelf life, increasing its sale time.

#2 Reduce Expired Product with Proper Storage 

Overstocking produce in refrigerated areas can reduce their overall temperature and speed up the expiration timeframe. Make sure not to overcrowd the space when stocking the inventory.

#3 Prevent Lack of Demand by Reviewing Your Sale Trends

Closely monitor the buying trends of all produce, not just the exotic produce items. You can see when the product is in high demand and when the market declines by tracking the sales. Then buy inventory according to those calculations. This strategy will prevent you from overbuying merchandise and losing money. 

3 Additional Ways to Reduce Shrink in a Supermarket 

As mentioned earlier, produce isn’t the only shrinkage concern in a grocery store. Other departments can experience loss, sometimes even higher losses than produce. Staying informed on these potential losses can help you implement proactive strategies before it negatively impacts your bottom line. 

Read Supermarket Security & Loss Prevention to learn about loss prevention for your industry. 

#1 Home and Personal Care Security 

Home care and personal care items like laundry detergent, body wash, shampoo, and razors are easy targets for thieves. Amateur thieves target those items because they want to have the essential care items for themselves. In comparison, Organized Retail Crime (ORC) Groups view those items as easy to resell for a high return.

Protect those items with:

#2 Meat Security 

Since the pandemic, there’s been a rising trend in chilled and frozen meat theft. One of the strongest protection devices is EAS anti-theft labels and security tags. They are made to withstand cold and moist conditions, are easily applied to the item, and won’t detune or detach. 

Learn more about EAS anti-theft labels and security tags for meat.

#3 Liquor, Wine, and Energy Drinks Security 

Small to mid-size bottles and cans are easy for thieves to conceal or, in some cases, consume at the store. Adding security devices to prevent theft and onsite consumption will significantly reduce your shrinkage.  

Review our wine and liquor bottle tops and security cases.

Learn more about energy drinks bottle security

Learn More about the Loss Prevention Experts 

Now that you know more about how to reduce shrink in the produce departments and other areas of your store, learn about Product Protection Solutions (PPS). We are an experienced loss prevention security company based in North Carolina. Our goal is to protect your profits and prevent loss while securing your overall bottom line. Our team uses their expertise to create custom, cost-effective loss prevention solutions for you!

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