Between the rising organized retail crime stats and thieves becoming bolder in their shoplifting tactics, it’s no surprise that retailers are searching for a solution. And alarming devices continue to be an effective theft deterrent. As a result, many manufacturers are using technology to boost their anti-theft alarm devices and decrease shoplifting potential in stores. But now, with so many alarming loss-prevention devices on the market, how do you know which one to purchase? 

This article will break down the most popular anti-theft alarm device styles, so you can confidently purchase the ones with the best potential for success for your business. 

What Makes an Anti-Theft Device an Alarming Device?

Most loss prevention devices are considered anti-theft alarms if they release a loud sound. And depending on the alarm level, you choose to use will determine what sets off the alarm function.

There are three alarming levels you can choose from:

  • 1-Alarm – The EAS system’s alarm will sound if someone tries to leave the store with the device still attached.
  • 2-Alarm – The device’s alarm will sound when someone attempts to remove the security device.
  • 3-Alarm – The device’s alarm will continue to sound even after it leaves the store, so it continues to draw attention to the shoplifter.

New Alarming Devices on the Market 

But as we mentioned earlier, new tools on the market release sounds and alarms to deter thieves. Consider anti-theft alarm devices that:

  • Emits a beep when a person removes a product from the shelf 
  • Have a clear panel door, so when someone opens the door, it releases a sound 
  • Releases an alarm if someone removes a specific quantity of items 

Choosing Between 3 Styles of Anti-Theft Alarms for Retail

Since there are various styles and uses for alarming devices, they all offer their own success potential. We will share three style types of anti-theft alarm devices you can use for your store. 

Option #1: Product Security Alarming Devices 

This is the ideal solution for securing specific merchandise to decrease shoplifting probabilities for those items. 

Quad Wrap Styles 

How it Works: Wrap the device around the product, then choose from 1, 2, or 3 alarming options.

  • Sonic 2-Alarm Can Wrap 
  • 360 Web Lock

Cable Lock Styles

How it Works: Attach the device to the product’s neck, handle, etc., then choose from 1, 2, or 3 alarming options. 

  • Sonic HD Cable Lock
  • Sonic 2-Alarm Cable Lock

Success Potential

  • Reuse it for several years 
  • You can use it interchangeably among similarly sized merchandise 
  • Works well on unusually shaped items 
  • Acts as a visual deterrent tool 
  • High probability that it’s already compatible with your EAS system 

Option #2: Hanging Products Alarming Devices

Works well for hanging, pegged merchandise that requires additional protection.

IMCo Solutions Hook Protection Styles

How it Works: Attach the device to your current peg hooks, then customize when the alarm sounds after someone removes a specific quantity of items. 

  • Single Rod Hook – Features an L-shaped design for difficulty removing more than one item at a time. 
  • Pro Plus Hook – Features a two-prong design which makes it remove two products at once.

Success Potential

  • Releases a beep sound every time a shopper removes an item 
  • Significantly decreases shelf-sweeping potential 
  • Works well with your already established plan-o-grams 
  • Easy to install and remove 
  • Continue using it for many years 

Option #3: Shelf Alarming Devices

This device will provide whole-shelf protection if you need additional security from shelf-sweepers. Then choose from customizable alarm settings for when someone removes a specific quantity of items.

IMCo Solutions Shelf Protection Styles

How it Works: Remove the device from the box, place it on the shelf, and then restock your inventory. 

  • Flex Panel – Uses clear sliding panels to secure merchandise but still allows for easy customer accessibility. 
  • The Easy Glide Slider – Includes a low frictional base with a modular design so you can customize the size to fit almost any-sized product.
  • Retrofittable Pushers – Works with your existing pusher systems. 

Success Potential

  • Considerably reduces shelf-sweeping occurrences 
  • Releases a beep sound every time a shopper removes an item 
  • It’s made from quality materials, so you use it for many years 
  • Maintains an open merchandising design 
  • Quick to install 

Invest in a High-Quality Anti-Theft Alarm

Once you add anti-theft alarms to your store, you can start deterring shoplifters and put more attention and focus back on your customers. Contact the PPS team to learn which alarming device will best fit your loss prevention needs today!