If your shelves could talk, what do you think they would say? 

“Open merchandising is key to growing sales.”

“Keep it simple with easy-to-use security devices.”

“Have an early warning notification system in place.”

Remember, the retail shelves are with your merchandise 24/7. They’re there when a customer removes a product to purchase or a shoplifter attempts to steal something. Consider this question, what would you gain if you could use your shelves to your advantage? Now take a few minutes to review this article to learn the retail loss prevention techniques that could be the game-changer for your store!  

Talking Shelves, Were You Expecting It? 

Have you ever thought about incorporating your shelves into your loss-prevention strategies? Turning your shelves into a security measure that deters Organized Retail Crime (ORC) groups and amateur thieves might be the extra boost you need to keep shoplifters out of your store. Without ever saying a word, shelves know a lot more about shoppers and thieves than you might think. 

Shelves know:

  • How many products a person typically purchases 
  • How easy it is for someone to sweep 
  • How product placement impacts the purchasing decision 
  • When stock levels are running low or nonexistent

What if we told you that your shelves could give you answers to the above questions? 

Proactive Loss Prevention Techniques for Retailers 

Loss prevention techniques aim to reduce product shrinkage while providing an enjoyable shopping experience and increasing overall sales. Unfortunately, as technology and ORC groups continue to grow more innovative, the solutions from traditional loss prevention methods can’t keep up with today’s shoplifters. That’s where we step in to assist.

At PPS, we use our combined knowledge and first-hand experience to help retailers find security solutions for their most pressing concerns. For a moment, imagine that the following loss prevention techniques are from your shelves, and the goal is to educate you on what you can do to get in front of your current circumstance and take back control.

#1 Take Advantage of the Latest Technology 

ORC groups are using every tool at their disposal, and you should too. 

#2 Keep Customers at the Forefront When Stocking Merchandise 

Retailers often become so focused on deterring theft that they forget about their customers. When considering a security device, think about how it will impact the shopper’s experience.

#3 Use Sound to Your Advantage 

A paying customer will hardly notice a small beep when removing products from a shelf. However, a shoplifter will notice it immediately. Thieves prefer to go unnoticed, so you use a security solution that draws attention to product removals. 

#4 High-Theft Products Change Over Time 

ORC groups steal the items that sell effortlessly and will change their target when necessary. Don’t lock yourself in with one device that limits your control, find a flexible option. 

#5 Find a Trustworthy Resource 

Finding someone who knows everything isn’t likely, so team up with trustworthy allies who can share their knowledge with you and loss prevention solutions on the market you didn’t know existed. 

A Shelf Sliding Solution for Retailers 

Advice is great, but without a practical way to implement it, how can it help you? We’re here to help guide you with reliable advice and provide you with practical solutions that offer actual results. 

After reading what your shelves would say, the tool that can help many retailers is IMCo Solutions’ Easy Glide Sliding Device. 

This innovative, shelf-ready loss-prevention device:

  • Integrates into your shelves in a few simple steps 
  • Uses a low frictional base to allow for easy customer removal
  • Emits a beep every time a person removes an item 
  • Adjustable features to fit differently shaped merchandise
  • Includes a modular design using an innovative divider/pusher fusion 

Your Next Step

One of the best parts of the Easy Glide is choosing from two different device versions to use the one that best fits your goals and budget. Contact us to learn how we can help you incorporate IMCo’s Easy Glide into your store!