Staying ahead of the curve in today’s retail industry takes more than simply keeping up with the latest trends. Success demands creative and forward-thinking solutions that safeguard valuable merchandise while preserving a seamless customer experience. 


Product Security Solutions is proud to present IMCo Solutions, the next generation of retail technology. IMCo is quickly changing the game for retailers, creating superior security against ORC and other threats. Innovative technologies like Hooks, Flex Panels, and Pushers are only the beginning. Here are just a few of the ways IMCo technologies are revolutionizing the industry.

IMCo Hooks

IMCo Hooks offer an exceptional level of security for your merchandise, giving you peace of mind that your valuable products are protected from theft and organized retail crime.


The single-rod hook features an L-shaped design to prevent item sweeps. The Pro Plus Hook, meanwhile, has a two-pronged design, creating even stronger limitations. This elegant solution offers flexibility and scalability, allowing you to customize it to your store’s security needs.

The Advantages of IMCo Hooks:

Superior Deterrence

The sound deterrent system is designed to promptly notify potential thieves of staff presence, effectively deterring any attempts at theft.

Personalized Alerts

By integrating with IoT technology, you can establish alerts that are sent directly to the devices of your staff members. This enables them to promptly and effectively respond to any suspicious activity that may arise.

Proven Success

IMCo Hooks have demonstrated impressive results, reducing losses by up to 88% and increasing sales by 14% for retailers.

IMCo Flex Panels

The IMCo Flex Panels offer unparalleled versatility, effortlessly integrating into your loss prevention strategy. They provide a customer-friendly shopping experience, where customers can freely interact with the merchandise while also ensuring the highest level of protection against theft.


These panels are equipped with a sound deterrent mechanism that produces a gentle beep whenever someone tries to take off a product. To enhance security measures, an alarm can be activated in the case that a swift removal of multiple products is detected.

Advantages of IMCo Flex Panels:

Enhanced Security

The sound deterrent is designed to make potential shoplifters reconsider their actions before attempting theft. It also serves as an early warning system for staff members.

Easy Installation

With easy self-installation capability, you can easily set up everything without inconvenience, ensuring that your store operations remain undisturbed.

IoT Integration

With integrated IoT technology, Flex Panels can be upgraded to establish a smooth connection with the internet. This enhancement allows you to receive real-time notifications and gain valuable insights from the data collected.

IMCo Pushers

IMCo solutions have revolutionized pusher units with their innovative retrofittable design. These devices are designed to detect any activity related to the products by using a combination of sound deterrents and motion sensors, preventing strikes of ORC and protecting your profits.


When a person takes a product off the shelf, a gentle beep is emitted to deter potential shoplifters, prompting them to reconsider their unauthorized intentions. When several products are swiftly taken away, an alarm is activated, alerting your staff to potentially suspicious activity.

Advantages of IMCo Pushers:

Proactive Security

IMCo Pushers provide a helpful early warning system that enables staff to quickly respond to potential thefts and ensure a safe shopping environment.

Customizable Alerts

Pushers support IoT integration, which can send customized alerts to any internet-enabled device to keep employees up-to-date on stock levels and customer behavior.

Tangible Results

Retailers who have implemented IMCo Pushers have reported a remarkable decrease in losses, with reductions of up to 88%. Additionally, these retailers have experienced a notable increase in sales, with a growth rate of 8%. These statistics demonstrate the significant impact that the IMCo Pushers are already having on retail security.

The Future of Retail Technology Is Here

With innovative devices like Hooks, Flex Panels, and Pushers, IMCo Solutions is pioneering the future of retail technology. By adopting IMCo’s advanced loss prevention solutions, you too can create a safe shopping environment that both boosts customer satisfaction and drives up sales.


Here at Product Protection Solutions, our goal is to assist retailers in staying ahead by providing them with the latest and greatest security technology the industry has to offer. 

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