Sales increase your bottom line and make your business profitable. Whereas theft decreases your bottom line and can leave your business in the red. While many loss prevention devices effectively deter theft, can they help increase your sales? 

If you’re thinking, “how can magnetic security tags make me money, “you’re about to learn the answer! We’ll explain how magnetic tags (and other loss prevention devices) can help with your sales, then teach you how to evaluate those devices so you can invest in ones that’ll deter shoplifters and increase your sales. 

What are Magnetic Security Tags?

Magnetic security tags are devices that use a magnetic lock to secure the tag into place. The purpose of using a magnetic lock instead of a mechanical one is to prevent someone from removing the device on their own. Unfortunately, while shoplifters can sometimes manipulate a mechanical lock to open it, a magnet is much stronger. So in order to remove it, you’ll need a magnetic detacher.

How Strong is a Magnetic Lock?

The lock’s design makes it challenging to remove without using a detacher. Unfortunately, there are some magnets on the market that thieves will use to attempt to detach the lock themselves. The good news is you can choose from several robust protection options that’ll allow you to increase the magnet’s strength.

Your options (in order of magnetic strength) include a:

  1. Standard Lock
  2. Super Lock
  3. Hyper Lock

Remember that the stronger the magnet, the less likely anyone can remove it without a detacher. 

3 Ways Magnetic Security Tags Can Increase Your Sales 

Many retailers use security tags with magnetic locks as a well-known loss-prevention tactic. So, we will focus on how these tags can assist with your sales goals and help grow your bottom line.

Reason #1 Maintains Open Merchandising 

Locking up products in glass cases or behind the counter significantly reduces sales. Many shoppers avoid asking (or waiting around) for employee assistance. Instead, they’ll leave and purchase the item somewhere else. 

Create a shopper-friendly environment that makes it easy for someone to shop with or without assistance. 

Reason #2 Ensures Proper Inventory Levels 

When shoplifters steal merchandise, you have lower stock levels that can’t meet customer demands. And if you’re struggling with frequent theft incidents, shoppers will notice how empty or low stock levels are every time they shop. This will lead them to visit other stores to find what they need to avoid an out-of-stock situation. 

Make your store the go-to spot for your customer’s needs by reducing theft and ensuring you always have popular products ready to buy. 

Reason #3 Creates a Safer Environment 

When you implement loss prevention devices throughout the store, shoplifters will notice. Many thieves will select “easy targets” (retailers with little to no security measures in place). So, when they notice the additional security measures you put into place, you’ll lower your chances of becoming a shoplifter’s target. 

Build a reputation for a safe environment for shoppers and employees because of your security measures and proactive approaches towards shoplifters. 

Keep These 5 Things in Mind When Purchasing Anti-Theft Devices 

Whether you’re investing in magnetic tags, cable locks, bottle security, or anti-shelf sweeping devices, remember the points below before purchasing any loss-prevention device.  

  • Not all anti-theft devices are made equal 
  • Invest in quality-made and durable magnetic security tags and devices
  • Only purchase items from reputable sellers and manufacturers
  • Know your options before making a final decision on what to buy 
  • Learn when you should (and shouldn’t) upgrade your devices 

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We have other articles that can continue educating you on investing in security tags and other loss-prevention devices.

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