According to the National Retail Federation’s 2021 National Retail Security Survey (page 11), the average amount lost in a 2020 shoplifting incident is $461.86. Finding inventory theft prevention devices to protect your high-shrink products could significantly improve your bottom line and increase profits. 

At Product Protection Solutions (PPS), we provide loss prevention devices that protect specialized products and devices that you can use interchangeably on several different products. 

Specific Product Theft Prevention Devices

If you have an item frequently targeted by thieves, then incorporating a loss prevention device specialty designed for that product might be the best solution. Here are three high-shrink products that you can easily protect.

Pint Protectors for Ice Cream

This specialty-designed cap protects 14-16oz. ice cream pint containers. The cap is placed on the ice cream lid and locks into place. Someone can only remove it using standard or super lock detachers. 

The device’s design is stackable, so you can still use your existing shelved and planograms. 

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EAS Labels for Chilled and Frozen Products 

Due to their extreme conditions, it can be challenging to find effective devices to secure chilled and frozen products (making them high theft items). The good news is there is a solution! EAS anti-theft labels and tags designs are available that can withstand cold, freezing, and moist conditions for long periods. 

Additionally, for customer safety, tags and labels are:

  • Microwave-safe 
  • Conforms with health and sanitation standards 
  • Easy to apply 
  • High quality and won’t detune or detach

It’s important to note that not all EAS labels are the same. Make sure to thoroughly research your options to ensure you receive a quality and safe product. At PPS, we only work with reputable and trusted suppliers to ensure a safe product for our customers. 

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Bottle Protection for Wine and Liquor Bottles

A security solution that doesn’t impede the customer’s shopping experience or require you to store bottles behind the counter! This device is placed around the bottle’s neck and easily removed at checkout using standard and super lock detachers. These locks will prevent theft, in-store consumption, and bottle content transfer. 

Learn more about the different bottle protection styles at PPS.

Universal Theft Prevention Devices

Additionally, inventory theft protection devices can transfer to several types of products, giving you a high ROI on your investment. 

Cable Locks and Quad Wraps

This device is made from a heavy-duty, quality material allowing you to reuse it for many years and it holds up to everyday wear and tears. 

  • Boxed products 
  • Cleaning products
  • Detergent
  • Footwear
  • Luggage items 
  • Sporting equipment 

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Safers are reusable polycarbonate security cases that can be incorporated with blister holes or hanger accessories and adapt to existing planograms. Additionally, your customers can still access the product without employee assistance. Then the staff can easily remove the product from the box at checkout. 

  • Cosmetics 
  • Electronics
  • Fashion accessories
  • HBC items 

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Hard Tags

They use advanced magnetic lock protection to secure heavy-duty and delicate products without damage. In addition, they are available in several colors to maintain the store’s appearance. 

  • Apparel
  • Designer wear 
  • Footwear
  • Lingerie and delicates 
  • Luggage 
  • Sporting equipment 

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