Retailers across all sectors are ramping up their security as Organized Retail Crime (ORC) theft grows dangerously high. Unfortunately, these criminals are stepping up their game, and many businesses feel their backs are against the wall. But remember that with every adversity comes the seed of an equal or greater benefit (as said by Napoleon Hill), and what you become through this time can make your business even stronger. 

Last year, we began searching for tools that could help retailers combat the growing shoplifting problem in the United States. Through our research, we learned about the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and how businesses can use it as a solution to many problems. So, we’re here to share how you can use IoT to deter ORC theft in your store this year! 

Do You Know About IoT Technology?

This technology works by using the internet to transfer data between multiple devices at the same time. As long as a device can connect to the internet, it can work with IoT technology. 

You can use it as part of your loss prevention strategy in various ways. 

  • Warnings on potential shoplifting incidents 
  • Product removal notifications 
  • Monitoring real-time stock levels 
  • Low or out-of-stock notifications 
  • ORC theft alerts 
  • Increase your in-store marketing efforts 

If you want to learn more about using IoT to deter ORC theft, read our previous article on creating a retail shield against ORC

3 Examples of Using IoT to Combat ORC Theft 

In theory, IoT sounds great, but we’re here to explain how you can use it in your store to deter ORC crime. Take a moment to imagine the below scenarios and how IoT can help to strengthen your loss prevention measures.

Potential Shoplifting Notifications

If someone attempts to remove merchandise from your store, your IoT device could quickly notify all necessary parties. Imagine receiving a message that said, “potential shoplifting occurrence over by the baby formula in aisle 5.” 

Your IoT device can send this message to your Apple Watch, your employee’s walkie-talkies, and your security personnel’s cell phones simultaneously. Now the possibility of stopping the thief before they leave your store increases substantially. 

Product Removal Notices 

If you have high-theft, popular ORC items, you’ll want to increase security around those items. However, you probably know that locking up merchandise can negatively impact your sales. 

Did you know a device can maintain open merchandising while still securing those items? And you can use IoT to learn anytime someone removes more than X amount within a particular time. Now you can continue serving your shoppers while maintaining extra protection on those items. 

See Real-Time Stock Levels 

You know that a well-stocked shelf means shoppers can quickly purchase the items they need. But what if your staff is busy servicing customers to notice an empty shelf? You can use IoT to set up custom notifications for when inventory levels are low or out of stock. This is also useful when monitoring for ORC incidents from high product removals.

And as a bonus, you can even learn how frequently staff restocks shelves to learn more about purchasing habits and restocking times.  

The Best Devices for Deterring ORC Crime 

Now that you know how to take advantage of IoT, it’s time to learn about the loss-prevention devices that can use this technology! 

All the devices we mention below are products from IMCo Solutions. IMCo is a global leader in loss prevention smart shelf technology. They know how to create devices that can aid retailers in combating ORC crimes. 

Option #1: IoT Pushers for Anti-Shelf Sweeping 

It’s a retrofittable pusher device that maintains open merchandising for shoppers while increasing security for products that are normally easy to sweep. 

Read more about IoT Pushers here.

Option #2: IoT Flex Panel for Whole Shelf Security 

It uses clear panels to secure merchandise and includes a sensor that detects any time of panel movement. This is a self-install device that’s ready to go within minutes. 

Learn about the IoT Flex Panel here.

Option #3: IoT Hooks for Hanging Merchandise 

This device uses a two-prong design for all hanging products to make shelf-sweeping virtually impossible. Then when you combine it with IoT, you can only imagine the possibilities for monitoring inventory levels and more.

See how IoT Hooks can help your store.

Option #4: IoT Easy Glide for Hard-to-Secure Items

Those unusually shaped, large products always make securing them challenging, but with the Easy Glide, you can now confidently secure large items. This scalable device can be adjusted to your changing needs, resulting in a significant ROI! 

Discover the possibilities of the IoT Easy Glide here.

Learn How Fast You Can Begin to See Results 

“Increased sales by 8% and reduced losses by 74% within 3-6 months!”

“Increased sales by 14% and reduced losses by 88% within 8 weeks to 6 months!”

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