Protecting your merchandise from amateur and professional thieves is an essential business strategy to guarantee your profits don’t walk out the door. Liquors, wines, and spirits are high-value and high-profit merchandise that’s worth protecting. Knowing where to start can sometimes seem like a major project, but it doesn’t have to feel that way. That’s where liquor bottle locks can be the game-changer for your business!

What are Liquor Bottle Locks?

Liquor bottle locks are bottle security tags and collars that provide complete bottle protection from thieves. The bottle locks’ design offers a visual deterrent that prevents theft while focusing on the product and it won’t detract from the shopping experience. Product Protection Solutions (PPS), provide spirits, champagne, premium liquors, and wine bottle locks that you can easily order as needed. 

Benefits of Using Liquor Bottle Locks

There are many immediate and long-term ROI benefits from implementing liquor bottle locks within your business. 

#1 Reusable Locks for 10+ Years

These locks can be reused repeatedly, with some retailers reporting that they’ve used the same tag for over ten years, ensuring that the upfront cost pays for itself over time.

#2 Open Display Protection 

Most locks won’t interfere with existing planograms, allowing you to keep the merchandise on open display for customers to find and purchase without delay.

#3 Compatible with EAS and RFID Security 

When you combine bottle locks with security surveillance, it increases the level of product protection from amateur and Organized Retail Crime (ORC) theft.

#4 Quickly Detaches at the Point of Sale

Employees can easily remove the lock at purchase, and it won’t slow down the checkout process.

#5 In-Store Tagging Option 

These locks can be placed on merchandise at your location, giving you the freedom to determine which items need extra protection now. For example, high shrink products might change depending on if people are shopping for the holidays or shopping throughout slower times of the year. 

How to Determine if Liquor Bottle Locks are Worth the Investment?

Since there’s an upfront investment in liquor bottle locks, you might need to evaluate when the right time is to implement this loss prevention strategy for your business. You can consider some of these questions when determining the right time to invest in these theft protection products. 

  1. What type of security application method will work best for your business (i.e., tagging at your location or source tagging with the manufacturer)?
  2. What type of removal device do you want to use in your store?
  3. When do you experience high product loss (holidays or summer)?
  4. What are the high shrink products that need additional protection?
  5. What is each product’s value that needs protection?
  6. How many products need extra security?
  7. Do you want to keep the merchandise on open display for your customers?
  8. Does the protection need to work with your existing shelf space?
  9. Does the security device need to work with an existing EAS or RFID security system?
  10. How much do you need in sales to see an ROI on the loss prevention investment? 

Partnering with the Loss Prevention Experts

After thoroughly evaluating your needs, reach out to the PPS team for assistance. We are experts in loss prevention products and strategies. Our goal is to help you create an improved customer shopping experience while increasing your overall profitability. We can help you determine and find the best loss prevention products for your needs and budget.

Contact us using our online form or by phone at 866-750-5744 to learn more.