Retail companies paid $64 million in losses due to strain injuries!

Product Protection Solutions (PPS) updates their TotalLP app to include health and wellness solutions to prevent injuries. App users will have access to a physical and mental self-assessment and performance-based physical therapy videos to avoid strain and other injuries. Movement Rx’s self-assessment will help to inform users if they are susceptible to any potential at-risk injuries. 

Between 2016-2018 retail companies paid over $64 million in losses due to strain injuries, according to the 2019 Retail Risk Report. Physical injuries not only impact the bottom line but also impacts employee lost time. The average employee lost time due to a physical injury is 24 days.

Prevent financial and employee losses by providing employees with education and training to prevent physical injuries. PPS partners with Movement Rx, a health and physical therapy platform, to provide needed resources to the loss prevention community.

Physical health videos focus on:

  • Back and Hip Pain
  • Thoracic Spine Mobility 
  • Shoulder and Neck Pain
  • Shoulder and Neck Activation 

15-minute health self-assessment includes:

  • 11 mini-physical assessments  
  • Spinal function evaluation 
  • Shoulder and neck function evaluation
  • Knee and ankle function evaluation
  • Emotional energy evaluation
  • Pain evaluation 

Prevent Injuries in the Workplace 

PPS’s goal is to prevent physical injuries for the loss prevention community and retail employees. “When the PPS team learned the impact that injuries had on a company’s bottom line, we searched for the best solution to prevent that loss. Our research led to forming a partnership with Movement Rx.” – Tim Gates, Senior Vice President Business Development, PPS. 

Movement Rx

Movement Rx’s mission is to empower men and women with knowledge and tools to achieve physical freedom. The Movement Rx team has over 80,000 hours of coaching, treating, and educating professionals from the Navy SEALs to corporate employees. 

Download the TotalLP App! 

The Movement Rx platform tools are now available on the TotalLP App. The app is available to download in the Apple Store and Google Play Store

For more information about the TotalLP app or loss prevention products, please contact Tim Gates. Contact Tim using our online form. Tim can also be reached by phone at 888-542-3065 or 252-362-1232.

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