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Loss Prevention Products – The PPS Keepsafe™ Series 

The PPS Keepsafe™ Series is the ultimate loss prevention product line on the market! 

  • Allows for open display 
  • Compatible with EAS and RFID technologies 
  • Most advanced magnetic lock protection available
  • Reduces retail shrinkage
  • Unable to be detached with standard, super or hyper detachers
  • Supports existing planograms 

Powerful Protection Where Standard or Super Locks are Compromised!

Superior Theft Protection with Loss Prevention Products

The Keepsafe™ Series H-Locks is only compatible with the Keepsafe™ H-Detacher. This defends against amateur and professional thieves who try to detach locks with the traditional standard, super or hyper detachers.

H-Locks are available for:

  • All Keepsafe™ Safers
    • All safers can be upgraded from standard or super locks to the H-Lock for added security.
  • Most Bottle Protection 
  • Keepsafe™ H-Tag

Defend Against Thieves with the Latest Technology 

Protect high-end and high shrink products with the latest loss prevention products on the market. The Keepsafe™ Series uses the latest, most advanced technology. 

  • Integrates with AM, RF, and RFID technologies
  • H-Lock can only be detached using Keepsafe™ H-Detacher
  • H-Tags can incorporate with:
    • Alarm (1, 2, and 3)
    • Benefit denial
    • Lanyard capabilities 
    • RFID capabilities

Increase Store Security

The Keepsafe™ Series Loss Prevention Products Line

Alarm Series 

Alarming quad wraps and cable locks are ideal for products (especially for large boxed goods) requiring more protection than safers or tags.

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Beverage Protection

This line includes bottle security tags, caps, and full bottle coverage for open display protection for canned energy drinks, wines, and liquors.

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Pins, Accessories, & Detachers

All the PPS accessories complement the Keepsafe™ Series line, which allows us to create the best solution option for you.

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This complete line of safers guarantees product protection while working with existing planograms and keeping merchandise on open display for the customer.

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Secure your traditional merchandise (clothing, footwear, sporting goods, and accessories) with a visual deterrent that doesn’t detract from the customer experience.

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Safety Solutions

As an added protection to help keep customers and employees safe, the Keepsafe™ Safety Solutions includes shields, LED blue lights, glove dispensers, and forehead thermometers.

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Advanced Loss Prevention Solutions

RFID & EAS Systems

Equip your store with intelligent article surveillance that identifies individual items, detects directionality, people counting, and configures alarms for multiple scenarios.

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RFID Tags & Labels

We program each RFID tag and label for your exact needs and set the EPCs for identification and tracking.

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Swing Gate Protection

Customize your electronic notifications and customer data, so staff is notified when the gate opens.

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