Retail security tags are an effective theft deterrence tool that you can use to secure your merchandise. It works well across many retail sectors, from drug stores to fashion retailers to convenience stores. If you’re unfamiliar with using a security tag strategy, selecting the right type for your needs can feel intimidating. 

This article will break down your choices by explaining the various retail types of security tag options with different styles and sizes. So, let’s get started! 

Loss Prevention for Retail: Types of Security Tags 

A device is considered a retail security tag when it attaches to an item, and you can only remove it with the proper detacher. In order to attach a tag to merchandise, it either uses a magnetic or a mechanical lock. 

There are several types of retail security tags that work in different ways.

EAS Tags

When an EAS tag passes through the EAS system, it disrupts the signal within the monitoring system, which causes the alarm to sound. You can choose tags compatible with AM, RF, or RFID technology. 

Visual Tags

These tags don’t contain any transmitter and only act as a visual deterrent for shoplifters. 

Benefit Denial Tags

The purpose of these tags is if someone steals merchandise with the tag still attached, then it ensures the shoplifter receives no benefit from the stolen product, i.e., it destroys the product. For instance, if anyone forcibly removes an ink tag, it will release colored ink on the item. Or an oversized pin head will tear or cut the product. 

Clothing Tags

Their design works exceptionally well with clothing or designer items, so it doesn’t take away from the product’s appearance. It uses a pin-locking mechanism that secures the tag. These devices work the same as an EAS tag by disrupting the signal within the EAS monitoring system.

Specialty Tags 

Many tag styles are available that can secure large or unusually shaped merchandise, for example, liquor or wine bottles. 

Retail Security Tags: Style and Size Options 

Now that you better understand the different retail types of security tags, it’s time to learn about the style and size options. 

Inclusive Tags

This tag is a single device with a pin integrated into it. Snap the tag down to lock it into place and use a detacher to easily remove the tag from the item. 

Pencil Tags with Lanyard 

They are long and thinly shaped and can wrap around and attach to various items with a “neck” or handle.

Round Tags

Their design is round-shaped and uses a large pin to attach to the item. 

Square Tags

They are large, square-shaped tags that can either use a magnetic or mechanical lock. 

Zip Tags

They are form-fitting tag that allows you to easily adjust the size of the tag to fit different width sizes of various product. It uses a magnetic lock to lock the tag into place.

Choosing the Right Style and Size of Retail Security Tags 

The best part is learning which tag is the best option for your current need. If you already know the type of merchandise you want to secure, you can skip to the section that focuses on it.

Clothing, Delicate Items, and Accessories Tag Options

  • Inclusive Tags
  • Pencil Tags 
  • Pinhead Tags
  • Round or Square Tags 

Home Cleaners Tag Options

  • Pencil Tags with Lanyard 
  • Zip Tags

Liquor and Wine Tag Options

  • Bottle Collars
  • Bottle Caps 

Chilled Items Tag Option

  • Energy Caps (for energy drinks)
  • Pint Protectors (for ice cream)

Sports Gear Tag Options 

  • Inclusive Tags
  • Pencil Tags with Lanyard 
  • Pinhead Tags
  • Round or Square Tags 

Need Help with Selecting a Tag?

Read our previous article on the three things to consider when purchasing an anti-theft device for additional assistance in selecting the proper type of retail security tag.

Or contact us to help you find the right tag option for your business. 

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