“Businesses Take Drastic Action,” “Retail Theft on the Rise,” “Shoplifting Has Become A $100 Billion Problem”, and “Growing Threat of Organized Retail Crime” are just a few headlines that have been making their way across the news lately. Reading only one of those articles will lead most retailers to search for loss prevention solutions from Organized Retail Crime (ORC) groups. The good news, though, is there’s hope! 

At Product Protection Solutions (PPS), we’ve found several solutions that can help retailers combat ORC robberies in the future. So whether you’ve been directly involved in an ORC theft or want to reduce the likelihood of an incident, we can help you deter ORC groups! 

#1 Reason You Should Care About ORC Theft 

Since loss prevention devices are valuable assets for your business, you should know why they’re worth the investment. The National Retail Federation’s 2022 Retail Security Survey shows retailers saw an increase in ORC incidents by 26.5% over the previous year. Additionally, the survey shows retail loss from external theft (which includes ORC) rose another $4 billion! Which takes the loss from $90.8 billion in 2020 to $94.5 billion in 2021.

The increase of ORC occurrences and the indescribable loss of external theft makes loss prevention devices an essential element in your business.

What You Can Expect with ORC Groups

A quick refresher on ORC. They’re a group of professional shoplifters who work together to steal large amounts of products from retailers. Then they resell the stolen merchandise through online websites, local shopping events, or even to other retailers. In our previous article, you can read more about Organized Retail Crime groups.

Knowledge is vital when it comes to preventing theft. If you know the “hot merchandise,” you can put measures in place to secure your inventory. Here are some of the most popular products stolen during an ORC robbery (source).

  • OTC pharmaceuticals
  • Groceries
  • Diapers
  • Beauty supplies

These thieves will use various methods during an ORC theft, from shelf-sweeping to smash and grabs. While you can’t prevent shoplifting completely, there are tools you can use to drastically decrease your chances of becoming an ORC target.

Loss Prevention Devices to Deter ORC Robbery

When you work with PPS, you can trust that you receive trusted and reliable solutions and advice. Our commitment goes beyond a sale. Our goal is to become a valuable resource for you. This means we only recommend devices that can help to meet your goals. 

Since ORC groups aren’t run-of-the-mill shoplifters, you need an above-average solution to deter them from your store. That’s where the tools from IMCo Solutions can assist you. IMCo has a line of loss-prevention devices that specifically targets ORC. Here’s what you can expect from their devices. 

  • Sound deterrents features 
  • A shelf-ready, self-install installation  
  • Scalable options
  • Upgrade options that use IoT technology:
    • Customizable alerts for ORC, out-of-stocks, and more 
    • Real-time data
    • Integrate with other store technologies

4 ORC Loss Prevention Options 

IMCo Flex Panel

It provides complete shelf security that uses clear panels to secure merchandise and still makes it easy for shoppers to purchase. Read more.

IMCo Hooks

Secures hanging items and makes shelf sweeping nearly impossible. Read more.

IMCo Pushers

This is an ideal option for merchandise with an existing pusher to reduce the likelihood of shelf-sweeping. Read more. 

IMCo Easy Glide 

Are you looking to secure large, bulky items? This device easily integrates into your shelves, and its adjustable features allow you to change the dimensions to fit all types and sizes of merchandise. Read more.

The First Step You Can Take to Reduce Theft 

Take the first step towards deterring ORC by contacting the PPS team. We’re here to help secure your business from shoplifters by finding the IMCo device that can help meet your goals. 

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