Loss Prevention Solutions
with PPS

PPS helps retailers find loss prevention solutions that fit their goals and budget. The PPS team provides security solutions that encompass every area of the store (a 360-degree protection approach). Feel confident knowing that your store is protected! 

We offer effective devices that address a wide range of loss prevention measures to protect small products, high-value products, and more. Our flexibility and experience allow us to dedicate the resources needed for you.

Combat Organized Retail Crime (ORC) groups with the PPS Team!

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PPS Can Help You Reduce Loss

The PPS team helps you stop thieves in their tracks and secure your bottom line. We provide our customers with support that looks at the whole business, not just a single area. We understand that shoplifting and store theft are dangerous concerns impacting a retailer’s bottom line (and worse) if it’s not stopped.

Our loss prevention solutions include:

  • EAS and RFID   
  • Intelligent fixtures    
  • ePVMs   
  • Product protection devices   
  • Benefit denial products    
  • Tamper-proof labels to combat ORC groups

Need a customized option? Challenge us, and we will rise to your request to find a solution for you!

Prevention for Your Specific Needs

Whether you are a business owner, finance, operations, merchandising, or asset protection professional, we can help find a solution for you.

Supermarket Loss Prevention

Supermarket profit margins are thin so protecting against shoplifters is a top priority. Consider an established security system like EAS that stays on guard 24/7 to help protect the merchandise.

Learn more about how PPS can help with your supermarket loss prevention.

Retail Loss Prevention

PPS helps retailers prevent retail shrink and minimize the loss that improves the bottom line. PPS provides technological solutions, benefit denial products as well as custom and enterprise solutions.

Learn more about how PPS can help with your retail loss prevention.

Store Theft Prevention

The need for loss prevention and asset protection products grows as shoplifting increases. The PPS team has first-hand experience and knowledge to help control theft and provide loss prevention devices.

Learn more about how PPS can help with your store theft prevention.