As you continue with your workday, you decide to take a quick lap around the store to see how everything is going out front. Walking around, you see all the shelves are well-stocked with merchandise. As you round the corner, you notice a recently hired employee installing an anti-sweep device in the OTC cold medicine section. Next, you hear three beeps then an alarm begins to sound. You see an employee quickly walking over to that aisle and someone else walking out of the store empty-handed. 

Do you know what just happened above? Within just a few minutes, a loss prevention professional saw:

  • A store that had plenty of products available for customers to purchase
  • A newly trained employee installing a loss prevention device 
  • A potential theft situation avoided 

Would you believe us if we told you what occurred was from one loss prevention device? (Heads up, it was from one device.) Now imagine if you have several of those devices throughout the store. Think about how much more effective and productive it would be!

Your devices should work for you and do more than act as a theft deterrent. Learn the top five loss prevention tips for retail when buying anti-theft devices to ensure you’re receiving the most value for your money.

The Importance of Loss Prevention Tips for Retail Professionals  

Gone are the days of buying a loss prevention device only to deter theft. Instead, you need a solution that serves many functions and acts as another employee. As the world around us continues to evolve, our industry needs to do the same. And here at Product Protection Solutions (PPS), we’re constantly walking out our words. 

We’re on a mission to find solutions for loss prevention concerns and give back to the retail community. To get you started, we’ve come up with five qualities you should look for when investing in loss prevention devices. Our hope is these loss prevention tips for retail help to make your life just a little easier when investing in your next strategy. 

The 5 Best Anti-Theft Device Qualities

Look for a device that provides the following five qualities so you can have a strong return on your investment. 


Look for a solution that can adapt to changes and prevents the need to buy new ones. Think about devices that you can:

  • Use intractably among similarly sized merchandise 
  • Use repeatedly for years because it’s made from durable materials 
  • Make upgrades without purchasing a new item  


Look for a device that can scale as your needs grow. Thanks to the growth of IoT technology (Internet of Things), there are options available that can continue to function exceptionally well even as your needs continue to grow. 


If your employees must constantly learn how an item works to install it properly, you’re losing time and money. Instead, find a device that’s simple to use so even the brand-new employee can quickly learn how to install it. 

Out-of-Stock and ORC Alerts

You’re losing potential sales when an item is in low inventory or out-of-stock. Instead of having employees monitor for low stock (which is hard to do during busy times), your loss prevention tool can do the work for you. When the anti-theft device is equipped with IoT, it can gather and share information on:

  • Low stock inventory 
  • Out-of-stock inventory 
  • How frequently are the shelves being restocked 

Additionally, there are certain behaviors ORC groups depict when they’re going to steal from a retailer. Having the option to program a device to alert you when someone pulls X amount of merchandise within X seconds allows your staff to go to the aisle and check on the situation. 


When you connect all your store elements, your loss prevention security becomes stronger.  

  • Apple watches 
  • POS systems 
  • Headsets
  • Walkie-talkies 

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Now that we have just provided you with the loss prevention tips for retail anti-theft devices, we want to tell you about a solution you can add to your stores today.

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