Do you have security cameras in place, an active EAS system, and alarming devices throughout the store, but shelf sweeping is still a significant contributor to loss? Have you tried locking up your merchandise only to discover your sales began to decrease? 

Shelf sweeping continues to be a primary concern for retailers, especially as Organized Retail Crime (ORC) is on the rise, which is why many retail professionals are searching online for loss prevention tips for retail. Simple ideas such as staff training on monitoring merchandise or displaying high theft products by the cash register aren’t practical options. Instead, you need efficient options that can provide you with better results.  

That’s where we step in to help. This article will provide you with practical loss-prevention tips for retailers that can significantly deter shelf sweeping in your store. So you can focus on serving your customers and securing your bottom line.

Loss Prevention Tips for Retail on ORC Shelf Sweeping

Many ORC groups rely on shelf sweeping as a quick and efficient way to steal merchandise. To help protect your employees and inventory while best serving your customers, here are several loss-prevention tips for retailers when securing their shelves against ORC.  

#1 Incorporate Sound Deterrents Throughout the Store

Studies have shown that sound deterrents are effective solutions for warning off thieves (IMCo’s sound deterrent research) since thieves typically target retailers with little to no theft monitoring. 

Loss prevention devices add a layer of security to employees already monitoring products. Since employees can unexpectedly divert their attention away from a shopper, a loss prevention device is always ready. 

#2 Connect All Your Anti-Theft Tools  

Since you’re already using cameras, speakers, and potentially other alarming systems, adding this connection element is another tool in your toolbox. 

Your shelf security increases when you can connect several of your loss-prevention devices. Imagine if someone begins to remove several items from a shelf rapidly, it could alert staff and management immediately through speakers, CCTV, and more. 

#3 Look for Easy Usability 

You can have the best tool in the world, but if your staff can’t use it, it won’t matter. So anytime you add a new security element to your store, make sure it’s simple to understand.

If only a few employees know how to use a particular device or program, what happens if they’re unavailable during a crisis? You would be trying to learn something new while handling the current circumstance — not an ideal situation. 

#4 Devices with Flexibility 

Look for anti-theft devices that allow you to use them with similarly sized merchandise. 

Your high-theft products today can be different a year from now. So you can save yourself time and money by quickly switching up which products your device secures. 

Practical Solutions to Deter Shelf Sweeping 

It’s easy to find loss prevention tips for retail. Use an online search engine and thousands of results appear. Some tips might be beneficial, and some advice might be obvious ones you’ve already applied. However, one element most articles need is practical ways to implement these solutions. 

At Product Production Solutions (PPS), we care about your results. Since our goal is to be an extension of our customer’s loss prevention team, we focus on tools that can provide tangible results. For this reason, we recommend IMCo Solutions loss prevention devices as the first line of defense at deterring shelf sweepers. 

3 Solutions that Discourage Shelf Sweeping  

To help meet various needs and budgets, IMCo has anti-shelf sweeping devices available for you. 

Flex Panel for Shelf Sweeping 

B-Push for Increase Pusher Security 

Hook Protection to Secure Hanging Merchandise 

Start Shielding Your Inventory from Shelf Sweepers! 

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