Instead of relying on luck to avoid becoming a target for Organized Retail Crime (ORC) groups, you can rely on PPS. We’re a team of loss prevention experts who aim to help retailers protect their businesses from organized retail theft and deter shoplifters. Gone are the days when traditional loss prevention measures could secure your business. Now you need solutions to give you an edge over these professional thieves. That’s where we can help you.  

When you share your concerns, budget, and goals with us, we’re here to listen. Then once we have a better understanding of your needs, we’ll find an organized retail theft solution that’ll fit your store. 

While some retailers need a custom solution to deter shoplifters, we’ve found several organized retail theft options that could solve your current situation.  

ORC Groups Aren’t Your Run-of-the-Mill Shoplifters 

Unlike normal shoplifters who steal items for personal use, ORC groups are different. They make it their job to steal from retailers and then quickly resell the stolen items. This means traditional loss prevention methods such as signage, cameras, or security guards aren’t enough to deter ORC groups.

The most effective way to deter these criminals is to learn more about them. But instead of investing valuable time in learning about these groups, allow PPS to do the legwork for you! 

You Don’t Need the Luck of the Irish – PPS is Here for You 

“Last year when we saw a repeat concern for stronger loss prevention devices that can combat organized retail crime, our team went to work. We searched for devices that could meet retailers’ needs and had a proven success rate. That’s when we learned about IMCo Solutions. After we saw the potential their loss prevention devices could have on American retail businesses, we couldn’t wait to share it with the industry,” said Tim Gates, SVP of Business Development.

Effective Organized Retail Theft Options with a Proven ROI

When we add a product to our listing, we ensure it can help retailers combat shoplifters. And we recently added four of IMCo Solutions’ loss prevention devices to our lineup for retailers because of their incredible use of sound deterrents.

Why IMCo Solutions?

After interviewing a variety of shoplifters to learn more about the motivation behind their methods, the IMCo team discovered the power of sound. During their research, they learned that shoplifters would avoid most situations that draw attention to themselves. So, the IMCo team designed several devices that release a beep whenever someone removes a product from the shelf or hook. The purpose of the beep is when potential shoplifters would notice the sound, they will leave the store and choose a new target. And this small addition became a game-changer for retailers.

Results from IMCo Device Users

Type of Retailer: Drugstore

Their Problem: Prolonged periods of out-of-stock situations on cosmetic products due to shelf sweeping. 

Results from Using an IMCo Device: Their losses were reduced by 88%, and their sales were increased by 14% between 8 weeks and 6 months! 

Type of Retailer: Supermarket  

Their Problem: They were using spiral hooks to deter theft, but their customers had difficulty using those devices. 

Results from Using an IMCo Device: By using the IMCo Hook Pro, they improved the shopping experience, reduced losses by 74%, and increased their sales by 8% between 3-6 months! 

Choose the Loss Prevention Option That’s Right for You

IMCo Flex Panel – Shelf-ready solution that you can use within minutes after installation.

IMCo Hooks – Secures your hanging merchandise. 

IMCo Pushers – Reduces a person’s ability to shelf-sweep. 

IMCo Easy Glide – Protects large, unusually shaped merchandise, and you can change the size settings.  

The PPS Team is Protecting the End of the Rainbow for You 

You don’t need to rely on the luck of the Irish to protect your merchandise when you have the PPS team on your side! If you need help deciding which device is best for your needs, we can review the features and benefits to help you make the best choice for your business. 

Contact us to implement an ORC solution for your business!