Swansboro, NC (June 3, 2019) – Product Protection Solutions, Inc., a leading supplier of loss prevention technologies and solutions, has launched an innovative new product: the Keepsafe™ Energy Cap. The PPS Keepsafe™ Energy Cap is a unique security device designed to protect one of the most popular shrink items on the market. By physically protecting the products and covering the top of the cans, the Energy Cap denies contents to potential thieves. In addition, through the device’s innovative design, customer visibility and accessibility are not obstructed. Beverage solutions can also be used with or without Electronic Article Surveillance systems, allowing you increased flexibility.

Canned beverages consistently remain a top 10 most stolen retail item. According to Forbes, “retailers lose 1.33% of sales to inventory shrink, costing the U.S. retail economy $46.8B in 2017.” Targeting items of lower price, thieves operate under the guise that they aren’t committing a real crime. In many cases, canned beverages are consumed while still inside the store and empty cans are left behind. Canned beverage shrink adds up to millions in losses for retailers. Preventing theft of canned beverages is essential for reducing overall shrink and keeping merchandise prices low for customers.

“The Keepsafe™ Energy Cap is a simple, but effective solution,” says PPS CEO, Christopher Cox. “We wanted to introduce a solution that is simple to apply, but highly resistant to would-be thieves, ensuring a rapid ROI for the retailer. It’s about making product available and accessible to the consumer, while also protecting the retailer’s bottom line.”

The Keepsafe™ Energy Cap:

  • Will protect canned beverages in 8.4, 12, or 16 ounce cans
  • Can be used with or without Electronic Article Surveillance systems
  • Integrates easily with existing RF and AM EAS systems and loss prevention programs
  • Prevents the container from being opened without removal of Energy Cap or damage to product
  • Individually marked with Small, Medium or Large to simplify installation

The PPS Keepsafe™ Energy Cap will be on display at NRF Protect in Anaheim, CA, June 11-13 in booth #587.

Contact us today, or stop by during NRF, and let PPS deliver concierge loss prevention services to your organization.


About Product Protection Solutions

PPS was founded to bring urgency and innovation into retail security, enabling industry professionals to focus on the ever-evolving retail landscape and individual enterprise priorities. Our mission is to fill the gaps created by traditional loss prevention solutions through the employment of superior product protection solutions. Innovation coupled with experienced and personalized consultation amplify our ability to save our customers money and secure their bottom line.

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Written by: Sarah Plaut

Editorial contact:

Christy Cox