If you’ve researched supermarket loss prevention strategies before, you’ve likely seen advice on hiring security guards, installing CCTV, or locking high theft merchandise in glass cases. While those are all helpful tips, there are even more practical grocery store theft prevention strategies you can implement. So, whether you own a convenience store or a multi-chain supermarket, there are tools available that can protect your profit margins and reduce your overall shrink! 

Loss Prevention & Grocery Stores 

While loss prevention is well known within the retail industry, sometimes, the available tools for supermarkets and grocery stores are less known. This is especially true since grocers have the added task of preserving perishable items. One of the best ways to enhance your loss prevention strategies is to know which products have the most shrinkage. You might know the products, but before you invest time and money, make sure you’re accurate. 

Here are a few ways you can learn which merchandise has the highest shrinkage in your store.

  • Look for products with unexplained low inventory
  • Consider which items would attract the shoplifter’s interest
  • Review which products were most often found on the apprehended shoplifters
  • Examine if there are items that are “hidden away” from cameras and employee’s eyesight 

4 Grocery Store Theft Prevention Strategies 

Since grocery stores in America sell numerous types of merchandise, finding loss prevention devices that you can use interchangeably with other items and can be used for several years is vital towards protecting your bottom line. 

Review the below grocery store theft prevention devices to learn how they can help reduce your overall shrinkage! 

Meat Protection

Between the rising numbers of meat theft and preserving the product’s lifespan, finding a way to reduce meat shrinkage can save you thousands. The good news is there are solutions available. 

  • Decrease your chances of over or understocking meat by analyzing sale trends
  • Extend the shelf life by maintaining proper hygiene procedures
  • Reduce theft by using EAS anti-theft labels for fresh and frozen meat products 

Liquor & Wine Protection 

Protecting these high-value and high-profit drinks are essential to your bottom line. You’ll also want to keep these products on open display for customers. If you’re currently locking up items in glass cases or placing them behind the cash register, it might be hindering your sales. 

Liquor bottle tops are a great alternative to keeping the merchandise within easy reach for the customer.

  • Maintain open display
  • Reuse locks for several years; many have a 10+ year lifespan
  • Interchange locks with similar-sized products

Learn more about the different styles of bottle locks.

Energy Drinks Theft Protection  

Did you know energy drink sales in the United States are valued at $13.97 billion (source)? Since these drinks are highly popular with customers, they are with thieves too. If you sell individual cans of energy drinks, there are security caps that you can place on each can to protect it from thieves. They’re easy to apply, and cashiers can quickly remove them during checkout. 

Learn more about energy drink security caps.  

Home & Personal Care Products Protection

These products are popular with Organized Retail Crime (ORC) groups due to their high resale value. Depending on the size of the product, consider using clear security cases called safers to secure them. They allow you to leave them on open display for customers, and the cashier can remove them during checkout. 

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